Company Profile

Sense/Net was founded in 1995, and the onset of the Internet era has given us the opportunity to build friendly software based on web technologies. The web is fun, easy to use and widely accessible.

When the founders of Sense/Net started the company; they wanted to create cool software that makes IT friendly and accessible to the masses, not just a few IT pros. And when we say accessible software, we mean accessible in every sense. Accessible, so you do not have to be a rocket scientist to use them, accessible from every kind of device and operating system, and accessible for people who are visually or otherwise challenged.

The team works in a business park in Budapest, in the vicinity of several campuses. In our team, we embrace technological wizardry as well as strict business perspectives, which enable us to grow each year. By 2010 the company has grown to over fifty people, revenues over three million USDs.

On the tenth birthday of Sense/Net, we drew capital from an American venture capital fund and used it to build our team and software. The result is a new company structure and a new version of our ECMS system, Sense/Net ECM.

Sense/Net is divided into two business units; one delivers services to clients while the other manufactures Sense/Net ECM to supply resellers and our own services unit.

Sense/Net Business Solutions

Employing about two thirds of the company, the team features project managers, consultants, web designers and developers to complete ECMS deployment- and related custom development projects. 

The service portfolio of this unit is complete with support and full operations outsourcing, run by system engineers and technical account managers. 

Competencies include:

  • Deployment of ECMS projects
  • Consulting & training
  • Graphic and usability design & information architecture
  • Application integration
  • Custom application development
  • Support and operations outsourcing
  • TCO & ROI calculations

Sense/Net Product Team

One third of the company is the Product Team, continuously working on our key product, Sense/Net ECM. This team supports the current version of Sense/Net ECMS by providing consultancy and releasing updates. They also develop the next version based on market trends and feedback from customers and partners.

Sense/Net ECM is also sold via Solution Partners who build portals to their clients.

Services include:

  • Technical support
  • Sales support
  • Consulting services
  • Training
  • Releasing regular updates, patches, hot fixes and service packs
  • Providing licenses & evaluation versions

Over a hundred deployments and counting…

Customers on this list have all agreed to be listed here, and are available for information requests regarding the services and software that Sense/Net provided them.

  • Hungarian Airlines
  • Sanoma Publishings
  • Hungarian Power Companies
  • Budapest Gas Works
  • Budapest Mayor’s Office
  • E.On Hungary
  • National Bank of Hungary
  • T-Online
  • Public Employment Service
  • Tigáz (member of ENI Group)
  • Prime Ministers Office
  • Hungarian Association of IT Companies
  • Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard
  • Public Procurement Office
  • Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency
  • Interview-NSS (NL)
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Siemens
  • Microsoft

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