EU Fundings


Beneficiary: Sense/Net Zrt.


Title of project: Development of Sense/Net Inc's innovative product, improvement of its competitiveness and establishment of its position in the market with professional support for taking part in the H2020 tender.

Funding received: 14 530 500,-HUF

Funding proportion: 75%

Date of completion: 31.10.2015

The aim of this tender is gaining knowledge and experience for participating in H2020 tenders as individual participants, or as a consortium partner/leader. By the consultancy, training and the marketing campaign through this project our company’s home and national market position will strengthen, and its competitiveness will grow, thus allowing us for taking a bigger step onto the European market.





GOP 1.2.1 -08-2009-0025

301,5 million HUF research and development funding

Visual CMS Ltd., owned by Pannon K+F+IO Klaszter members does research and development for touchscreen application for Enterprise Content Management Systems.

Smartphones with touchscreen are used world-wide and therefore there is a strong existing demand for business applications for these devices as well. Enterprise Content Management Systems are widely used among mid- and enterprise sized organizations. The project is based on Sense/Net ECM, the first open source ECMS for the .NET platform. Sense/Net ECM has been downloaded more than 20,000 times from over 120 countries within 12 months. The software development team of Visual CMS Ltd. had been recruited from Pannon University in Veszprém. Team members were chosen through a joint Microsoft - Sense/Net certification and selection program. The project is completed with the support of the European Union, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


62 million HUF research and development funding

Development of Sense/Net Portal Engine TNG, later rebranded as Sense/Net ECM. New functions include QM, Workspace and Workflows, all intorduced in different beta verisons.
Sense/Net ECM is an enterprise grade Open Source application suite for building integrated Enterprise Content Management (ECM, ECMS) and Enterprise Portal (EPS) solutions running on the .NET and later the Mono platform. Sense/Net ECM is an Open Source alternative of Microsoft SharePoint. Modules include Enterprise Portal, Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Infrastructure, and Application Framework.

The project is completed with the support of the European Union, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


55 million HUF for R&D

We developed a content repository based on a new taxonomy paradigm. This taxonomy serves as the basis for future development.

The Sense/Net Content Repository is a hierarchical mechanism for storing enterprise content, such as documents, files, folders, pages, users, web contents, articles, news and custom lists. This is the first open source enterprise content repository for the .NET platform.

The SNCR is a tree structure that resembles an ordinary file system, but this file system is not ordinary in any way. It gives dozens of pre-built services to developers, webmasters and end-users alike. The user experience is provided by the Content Explorer, an AJAX base Rich Internet Application with browsing, searching and editing functions.

The SNCR (PFS) stores contents in a hierarchical way, in a relational database. All contents stored in the SNCR (PFS) have a unique identifier, a unique path and a unique friendly URL. The entire SNCR (PFS) can be accessed from the browser, using this URL.

Access to the contents of the SNCR (PFS) can be regulated by setting Access Permissions and policies in every tree branch, giving users and developers an easy way to separate parts of the portal for different target groups. Administering permissions is easy, because settings are inherited down the tree, just like in a simple file system. Delegation of security administration is also possible, because security settings also require permission, which is inherited.

Content can be defined by authoring a simple XML based Content Type Definition file or by writing code in Visual Studio for advanced functions. Writing a CTD is possible at the webmaster or webdesigner competency level.

Different Content Types have different Fields that can be edited through the Content Explorer or specific applications, such as the Content Management portlet. All properties are indexed in the database for quick search, filtering and retrieval.

Content are versioned automatically when changes occur. Editors can check out Contents for editing and later check them back, so everyone with the right permission will see the changes. Check out makes accidental simultaneous changes impossible.For programmers, SNCR (PFS) offers a standard Event Model and Workflow Interface for writing complex process oriented applications.

Content Explorer offers all standard file management functions, such as Copy, Move, Delete and Recycle, to be performed on all kinds of contents in the SNCR (PFS).The essence of the World Wide Web is the ability to link different thing together. All contents stored in the SNCR (PFS) can link to and be linked by another content or external web page.

The project was co-founded by the European Union, financed by the Hungarian Development Plan.

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