Sándor Kiss "Alex"


Sándor got his masters degree in marketing and information management from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences. He wrote his thesis on online commerce in Hungary. 

He is a founding co-owner of Sense/Net and has been the chief executive officer of the company since he was 21. He gained his first programming experiences writing C64 and Amiga demos. Besides software development and Internet technologies he has gained extensive experience in project management, finance and HR. He speaks English at a native level. 

In his freetime he plays the guitar or enjoys paragliding, football, and reading. His philosophy has been greatly influenced by the South Park series :)

Tamás Bíró "kTom, HXN"

Marketing Director

Tamás received his degree in Integrated Engineering (electrical & mechanical engineering, management) from Kandó Kálmán College of Electrical Engineering and the Nottingham Trent University. 

He founded Sense/Net with Sándor Kiss at the age of 21. Later he became the CTO of the company and has been the marketing director of the company since 2004. Besides software development and Internet technologies he has gained extensive experience in project management, strategic planning and marketing. He speaks English at a native level. 

He devotes most of his freetime to gastronomy (Eastern cuisine, Belgian beer) and photography. His hobbies also include interior design (the Sense/Net headquarters) and RPG. His favourite animal is the tarantula (one of them living in his office).

Róbert Pfaff

Director, Business Solutions Unit

Róbert got his Engineering in Information Technology degree at the Dunaújváros College of Miskolc University. 

In his earlier positions at Gamax, Fornax and Axelero, he gained software development and project management experience. Before joining the Sense/Net team, he was a department head of T-Online (Marketline). In his current position he is responsible for the supervision (and, occasionally, the management) of client projects and ensuring the optimal use of resources. 

His hobbies are digital photography and football; he is also interested in Egyptology, astronomy and movies.

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