Sense/Net WCM Edition is released!

Sense/Net WCM Edition is released with advanced WCM functions that redefine portal building as you know it. Manage everything as content; build whatever editorial system you want! Unleash the power of Smart Applications, the fastest way on the market to build Internet/Intranet sites.

Sense/Net Inc., the creator of the industry’s only .NET-based, open-source Enterprise Content Management System has launched the new WCM edition of Sense/Net 6.0. The software allows you to build websites in a never-seen way, achieving great end results within weeks, instead of months. What’s new?

Content Repository: a central, single store and manage function. This is the “backbone” of the content organization, like a big bookshelf. You can put any type of content here: web (HTML) articles, news, downloadable company documents in PDF format, podcasts, product showcase videos - anything. Even employees and tangible assets can be considered content. All content has descriptive data (called metadata) that eases access and usage, plus certain shelves are locked and thus closed from users without proper permissions. Some documents require special permission to read, while others are open to the public, even to non-employees. The Content Repository ensures the consistent storage of this information, while tracking different versions, archiving, and any other content lifecycle steps that can occur. All managed content- regardless of its type - has workflow and versioning capabilities.

Smart Application Model: as soon as it is created, every content item gets URL-driven actions, with which portal builders and developers can manipulate it: display, edit, set permissions, approve, and many more. With this, you can avoid unnecessary forms and layout developments, you get a consistent security and permission system, and everything works the same way.

Extreme WYSIWYG: Unlike other products containing only pre-built editing systems, the powerful and flexible Sense/Net editor can be full modified to work exactly the way you need it to.  You know that no two editorial staffs work the same way, so why should you be stuck with a hard-coded, non-adaptable work model?

Smart Building methodology: using queries to display content makes portal building extremely easy and fast. With Sense/Net, you can build portals extremely easily. Use the powerful search and query features to deal with large, data-intensive portals. Explore the modular portal building framework to create advanced and scalable web apps efficiently. 

Sense/Net WCM Edition. 

Sitebuilding reinvented.

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You can use Sense/Net Community Editon under the terms of the GPL license, or you can evaluate the supported commercial Sense/Net Enterprise Edition for 120 days free of charge.

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