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Why choose Sense/Net as partner? The Sense/Net partner program allows System Integrators, Web Development Agencies, Custom Developers, and Hosting Companies to re-sell Sense/Net ECM enterprise content management system, and implement custom solutions, creating substantial revenue for your business. You get cutting edge technology backed by 15 years of industry knowledge and expertise, all of which ensure your ability to deliver the best experience possible for even the most demanding clients. Usage areas include collaborative intranets, enterprise portals, document management systems or heavy workflow-driven deployments.

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Solution Partners

Sense/Net partners with only the best design, development, integration, and hosting companies available to deliver a superior level of service and satisfaction. Choose from trusted and successful partnership types to best meet your needs - be it web content management, collaboration, Web 2.0-style social Intranet, document management or workflow-driven solution. If you do not have development resources in-house, our partners can implement a Sense/Net solution for you. Sense/Net Solution Partners are certified and trained professionals skilled in delivering a solution tailored to your specific needs.

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Hosting Partners

Do you prefer a hosted Sense/Net solution? Our trusted Hosting Partners not only have Sense/Net product expertise, but also have a significant investment in Network Operation Center infrastructure, allowing them to provide superior hosted solutions for a monthly fee for a wide variety of customers. Should your requirement be web content management, collaboration, workflow or document management, it can be hosted at a data center so you need to care only about using it. Support, administration, operations and deployment is all outsourced. The monthly, real usage-based fees guarantee that you pay only for what you really use.

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OEM Partners

OEM Partners typically use Sense/Net as a Development Platform to create their own product, based on the only open-source Content Repository for the .NET platform, leveraging the agility and development speed of the Smart Application Model. If you need something special, take a look at the list of our OEM Partners. If you like the idea of faster go-to-market and risk-free product development, sign up as an OEM Partner! OEM partners typically create non-CMS software, based on wide area of features of the Sense/Net platform. Document management, collaboration, workflow and the content repository are all perfect base for such development.

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You can use Sense/Net Community Editon under the terms of the GPL license, or you can evaluate the supported commercial Sense/Net Enterprise Edition for 120 days free of charge.

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