Partnering for Success

Being partners means investing in each other's success. That's why Sense/Net provides dedicated development, sales, and marketing resources to ensure our partners are successful throughout all of their client interactions, from new customer prospects to recurring revenue opportunities.

Extreme Flexibility

Sense/Net is the only open source, .NET ECMS in the market today.  That means you are not stuck working within a proprietary framework, but instead can leverage your knowledge and experience in existing Microsoft code and technologies in an environment in which you are already familiar.  Do things your way, and deliver the robust and scalable solutions that your clients are looking for.

Flexibility applies to Sense/Net licensing as well, providing value and performance to give you an unfair competitive price advantage for your complete range of clients.  You will realize revenue from your core competency of implementation and development services, providing a multi-tier flow of revenue into your business.

We’ve Got Your Back

Sense/Net is dedicated to your success.  From initial product training and certification, to the sales, marketing, business, and technical expertise you need, we are with you every step of the way.  Whether you're responding to an RFP, conducting an on-site or web-based presentation, or developing and implementing a solution to a company small or large, we will be there with the resources you need to succeed.


By becoming a Sense/Net partner, you will receive:

  • Discounts off the list price of software licenses and development services
  • Joint marketing, sales, press releases, collateral, activities, and other resources
  • Qualified prospect leads matching your expertise
  • Access to the Sense/Net Partner Portal
  • Development assistance from Sense/Net’s Business Solutions Group
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Company listing in the Sense/Net Partner Directory


Becoming a Sense/Net partner is easy:

  • Sign the Partner Agreement
  • Successfully complete the Sense/Net Developer and Certification Training 

Become a partner!

Sense/Net is a forward-thinking company that has developed the world’s first .NET-based open-source ECMS system, and is looking to partner with developers, hosting companies, and OEMs to provide complete solutions to enable corporations to improve their web, intranet, and portal processes.  

This partnership is exclusive: our solutions are sold and implemented only via an authorized partner channel.  We do not compete with our partners for professional services, but instead rely on your expertise backed by our resources to ensure your success with your clients.

We are looking for organizations that specialize in and are able to:

  • analyze and specify customer requirements
  • quote and sell software solutions
  • carry out software deployment projects
  • provide training and consultancy
  • fulfill service contracts

In short, our Partners take care of - and are experts in - customer satisfaction, backed by sufficient technological and business know-how.

The Bottom Line

Higher revenue and profit margins + Lower development costs + Faster time-to-market =  the formula for success.

Sense/Net is looking for competent new Partners to further expand its worldwide partner network. We encourage you to contact us if you think there's a match between your company's expertise and ours.

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