Solution partners

LemansTech (WI,/IL/MI, US)

LemansTech offers Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that help organizations meet these enterprise-wide challenges.

AppVizo - Integrator Partner (East Side USA)

AppVizo is a software solutions company located in Augusta, Georgia that creates custom software for any business application. Due to our years of experience, we can cater to companies of various sizes, from large financial institutions to smaller, local enterprises. 

X-Center (BeNeLux & Czech Republic)

X-Center adds to SenseNet a valuable and prominent dimension: the connection to Archive Servers ( Opentext AS, xArchive  etc.) and their seamless integration with Sense/Net. 

The Rothwell Group - Integrator Partner (USA)

The Rothwell Group is a software engineering and process optimization company. 

MyServices (Malaysia)

MyServices is a Software Company incorporated in 2009 with strong roots and experience as a premier transformation agent in providing system integration solutions. We engage closely with our clients to plan and execute their IT, Social Media and Mobile plans. From strategy planning to project execution, MyServices bring both the creative and effectiveness solution to deliver projects with minimum cost towards our client.

TIM Systems - Integrator Partner (Serbia)

Founded in 2010, TIM Systems offers IT services for its clients in Serbia and CEE by putting the decedalong experience of its management to work. TIM Systems is currently working on integrating Sense/Net with cutting-edge imaging software to offer clients an end-to-end soltuion to go paperless.

nexum - Integrator Partner (Hungary)

nexum was founded in 1996 in Szeged, before Internet started to spread in Hungary. Thanks to the expansion of information technology and the increased demand for web-based solutions, the company had been growing rapidly. As part of the growth and development, nexum divided its activities into well-defined elements to meet the clients’ needs more precisely. Meanwhile they opened their office in Budapest to provide higher quality customer services.

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