FHB Land Credit and Mortgage Bank Company

Uniting two banks under a single banner.

In 2011, FHB bank submitted a tender for the construction of their public facing website. As the winning applicant, Sense/Net gained the possibility to provide a solution and as it turned out, much more.

Two years ago, FHB chose to reconstruct their website; both the looks and the publication system. In order to get this done, they have submitted a tender which Sense/Net won. During the preliminary negotiations, the managers of FHB found out that Sense/Net 6 is a far more capable software than the one they already had a wireframe for. Learning about the various features within, and the help from our very capable developer team, the final system based on the Sense/Net 6 engine exceeded all previous expectations.

FHB Land Credit and Mortgage Bank Company was founded by four major Hungarian banks and the Hungarian Ministry of Finance in 1997 to create a long-term financing opportunity and thus promoting real estate investments in the country. After years of successful operation, the privatization of the bank began in 2003 and was finished by 2007, when ÁPV Rt. (State Privatization and Holding Co.) sold their packet of shares and 50% +1 vote by introducing them to the international and Hungarian financial markets. With the merger of Allianz Hungary and FHB in 2011, the bank gained its form as it functions today.

As a bank, security, punctuality and the fast flow of information are the most important characteristics FHB has to deliver. In order to fulfill these requirements, they need a system enabling their employees to collaborate with each other and share information with the public the fastest and easiest way possible. Through the ability of extreme customization in Sense/Net, our developers have managed to create such a straightforward interface, which can be operated by virtually any employee of the bank without the need of thorough IT knowledge.

Integrating everything into one system renders it possible to have a public facing website, an intranet and 6-8 microsites, all running on the same platform, all manageable with one software. Thanks to the fully automated publishing system, creating complex content (such as announcements for new banking products) has never been easier. In addition to all of this, the cutting edge tagging system allows FHB the classify content, thus making it possible for the system to automatically choose the type content visible to each individual user, based on their permissions and capabilities (in case of agents).

In order to make it faster and more efficient, documents in the repository only need to be stored once; the individual sites only contain links to these instead of having to store their own copy of each document. Despite containing a massive amount of 50 000 content items, used by almost 1700 internal users each day, only two persons are enough administer the system.

By choosing Sense/Net as their solution, FHB ensured never to fall in the CMS trap as the platform already contains all ECM capabilities they could ever need, waiting to be unlocked and discovered.

See more @ http://en.fhb.hu/fhb-bank
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