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In 2012, the State Motorway Management Company (ÁAK) of Hungary begun to feel the need for taking e-ticketing in their own hands. As demand was growing for mobile payment and purchase utilities, ÁAK had to rethink their concept of third party administration of such websites. Instead of buying and incorporating the existing system, they decided to have one built especially for them, tailored down to suit the need of their customers. Winning the public procurement tender for the project, Sense/Net managed to form a prosperous and hopefully long-term relationship by delivering cutting-edge technology for the satisfaction of both ÁAK and their customers.

For many years ÁAK has been struggling with the inefficiency and hard usability of their former e-ticketing system. In addition, they have realized that by having a third party in the system makes controlling harder, while costing more since maintenance costs had to be paid. Eventually in 2012, they have decided to submit a public procurement tender for the development, implementation and integration of such a software. This is what Sense/Net won, giving the best proposal, thus enabling ourselves to undertake this project and prove how multifunctional our system really is. ÁAK had many features they wanted to implement in the new software besides e-ticketing itself, such as e-shopping carts, managing surtaxes, expiration notices, and coupon and newsletter distribution. A wide variety of features all developed and implemented in one platform.

The task hasn’t been easy, but thanks to the possibility of extreme customization in Sense/Net, the project ended with a huge a success (and ideas of cooperation for the future). Most of the features demanded by ÁAK are realized based on workflow in Sense/Net. After properly optimizing workflow to match the client’s needs, their website is now capable of all of the functions mentioned above, while it is also integrated with the intranet of ÁAK (currently running on a different platform) and with the secure online payment system of OTP Bank, ÁAK bank contractor. The new system can now prevent multiple purchase accidents, sends notices before expiry, is capable of sending digitally signed invoices and has an offline mode, in which case payment is properly processed even if an unexpected connection error occurs on any sides. As a new feature, online inpayment of speeding tickets is now also possible through the same portal with the help of the payment system developed solely for ÁAK.
Added to that, the straightforward design of the new website is also worth mentioning. Getting rid of the unnecessary dialogue boxes and simplifying the menu structure led to a refined portal where everyone can easily find what they are looking for.

See more @ http://www.motorway.hu/
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