In 2006, Sense/Net realized a project aimed to fulfill the need of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office for an integrated intranet. The need itself emerged from the fact that the number of institutions supplied by the Central Service Directorate began to grow. Thus a formation of an intranet was needed which is scalable, flexible and is capable of distributing information securely between the different parts of the system.

As a pilot project, we needed to create a document management system for the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office. The document repository contained the data of approximately 1 200 users working in multiple divisions. In addition to that, some of the data was historic; a lot of it had to be removed due to expiry. As a first task, our companies had to cleanse the database in order to move forward and realize the eventual goal. The main task of the document management system was to facilitate communication between divisions while fulfilling the newly adapted no-paper policy, which was a part of the Office’s sustainability program.

Successfully undertaking this project, Sense/Net became eligible to build and formulate the employee directory of the Central Service Directorate. The system registers which organization unit is the given user a member of, while also assigning them to the proper cost center. Moreover, it grants supervisors the ability to follow and control changes related to a given user for both past and future with the help of the ‘time machine’ function. The system stores all information indefinitely and is able to create reports and analyses from them. All this from a thin client application.

Superior performance and scalability were a must as the user database now contains over 10 000 users, all having every bit of their historical data stored. The system is still capable to display query results in sub-second intervals and due to extreme scalability, it always will be.

Equipped with the Sense/Net ECM engine, the system has extensive permission settings at the disposal of administrators while the unified database saves enormous time and effort for system administrators. The master database is connected with all subsystems, such as the intranet, SAP HR platform, AD sync, the central phonebook, etc. Every subsystem draws data from the central database, thus facilitating the registration process of new workforce and position shifters. One authentication system, one password to remember, one platform to manage it all.

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