The Public Employment Service Portal

The work opportunities of Hungarian employees are not restricted to Hungary any more. The enterprise portal helped Hungary to integrate in the life of the European labour market.

The Public Employment Service, being the largest institution of its kind in Hungary, has aimed to establish cost-efficient organisational operations by procuring a highly integrated and stable portal system.

The portal can aggregate applications running on a variety of platforms and content of diverse origin in a uniform intranet, extranet and internet portal interface.

Using one of the special applications, job, traning and professional education opportunities can be published individually. An editable event calendar, individual registration, a collection of occupations, organizational information and statistics are all special features that help those interested to obtain useful information. External users can also register to receive newsletters and notices of a customized range of job offers and training opportunities.

The 19 county-level portals operate on the same infrastructural basis as the central Public Employment Service portal. The portal solution also connects to other databases running on other platforms such as Oracle.

The PES portal is the first Hungarian IT project to integrate Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004. The BizTalk Receiver application collects and stores new offers from nearly 200 data submission clients and loads them into databases using a complex business logic.

Sense/Net Portal Engine 5.5 has come up to the expectations to integrate the intranet, extranet and internet needs of  Public Employmnet Service in a uniform logical system modelling a genuine portal solution in the public sector.

„We are in the process of developing a service system enabling us to be an effective part of the labour market providing personal services, making use of the possibility of a self-service.”

Judit Kenyeres
Deputy IT Director
Public Employment Service

Important details and functions

  • EURES integration
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004
  • 4500 internal users
  • Approval system
  • 1 central portal
  • 19 county-level portals
  • Document Store
  • Integrated individual developments, e.g. CV module
  • Sense/Net Portal Engine 5.5

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