The Bíróságok (Courts of Justice) Portal

Finally we know more about courts of justice and our legal options

The design, services and contens of the portal of the Hungarian courts of justice have been renewed and its portal motor has been upgraded. The new portal, based on the new Sense/Net Portal Engine 5.5, has been put together of more sites. It is a collection of public information on the court system, informing interested citizens of the operation of the Hungarian system of courts of justice.

Zsuzsa Sándor, the communications manager of Országos Igazságszolgáltatási Tanács Hivatala (OITH) thinks that it is a significant achievement that Hungarian citizens can now have a full view of the Hungarian legal system, and the new portal enables courts to build a more direct relationship with citizens.

For example, the „We explain the court system” menu point explains how the Hungarian court system works, what tasks courts of justice have, what the difference is between civil and criminal suits, and how citizens can contact courts of justice. Another important function is that users are free to browse the lists of Hungarian courts and judges including their contact information and authorities and the status of judges” – said Sándor.

The portal also includes a page on the execution of the „Glass Pocket” law, the site of the Hungarian Judge Academy and a page of European Union legal issues. It also features court decisions in election matters. A special technical feature of Bíróságok Portál and the sites belonging to it is that physically they work on a single system, providing compatibility and free navigation between pages. The Bíróságok Portál has been built on a corporate system that helps site administrators further extend the already existing wide scale of services. Already operating functions include the reporting and course search application of the Judge Academy, and the automatic publication solution of the information system of the Courts.

„The builders created a special menu dedicated to informing the public, which appears on each different thematic site of the portal to provide simpler navigation and easier access. There has been need for a page that clarifies the questions about the Hungarian court system and makes this information accessible for the public.”

Zsuzsa Sándor
communications manager

Important details and functions

  • Integrated Courts of Justice Information System
  • ”Glass Pocket”
  • CMS
  • Integrated unique developments. judge search, course search, Application manager
  • 5 site in 1 system
  • Sense/Net Portal Engine 5.5

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