Budapest Gas Works Co. – Intranet and corporate portal

The result of high level IT integration and the application of internet technology is a well-organized corporate infrastructure which is capable of continuous development.


In the intranet system, all structural units has an own page, which can be edited by the staff themselves depending on authority settings. The basic services concern the document store with the internal and other important documents, the phonebook, the event calendar and other interactiv services. The colleague search function gives opportunity to advanced search, as well. More categories can be set up and a map also helps to find a certain person. Under ’Workgroup’ in the menu, the staff can create common workplanes. The new document store provides opportunities for a folder and file level authorisation and monitoring the versions of the document.


The principal aim of creating the company’s public site was to provide wide-range service for the company’s target groups. Accordingly, the site is targeted at three major segments structurally and contentwise.,The portal includes functions that are customized for the three target groups. These include forms for meter readings, which help to report consumption data via the internet. The newsletter service also sends notices according to the interests of the specific target groups. The site is also available in English and German.

The Press Room service as an Extranet service helps to build the company’s external relationships. Press workers can contact the company’s communication team here and download the latest news and press releases.

„Serving the needs of the employees and clients is a corporate interest and we need  the appropriate infrastructure to achieve that. The new integrated portal of Budapest Gas Works Co. provides help to solve several communications and IT questions.”

Sándor Boda
Team Leader
IT Department
Budapest Gas Works Co.

Important details and functions

  • Phonebook
  • Press room
  • Document store
  • 800,000 consumers
  • Sense/Net 6.0

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