Budapest Portal – The Portal of the City of Budapest

Sense/Net Portal Engine 5.5 serves as the basis for the new generation of local government systems. Legal obligations are satisfied through the internet with the help of the enterprise portal. Sense/Net Ltd. has participated in various phases of the project and has been cooperating with the Municipality of Budapest for five years.

As a part of the BIG information technology development programme, the Budapest Municipality portal project worth 170 million HUF was the greatest portal building project in 2003. Following the success of our tender, Sense/Net completed four major tasks as the subcontractor of Siemens Hungary:

  • Building the new portal of the city of Budapest on Sense/Net Portal Engine.
  • Upgrade of the design and the portal motor.
  • The development of an intranet system.
  • Developing a blind-friendly, accessible version of Budapest Portal.

The primary target audience of the portal is people interested in the operation, services and cultural programmes of the Office. The so-called Glass Pocket Programme implemented on the portal has made the Local Government’s matters of general interest (e.g. contracts and spendings) publicly available. All that information and services of public interest are also accessible for the blind and visually impaired.

One of the most important missions of the portal is to provide an opportunity for non-profit organisations to build their own portals and publish their information. Such examples are the portal of the Organisation of World Heritage Towns and the Civil Portal.

The motor of the Budapest Portal version developed in the BIG programme was Sense/Net Portal Engine 5.0. A series of further successful development projects followed, and the upgraded Sense/Net Portal Engine 5.5 is serving the portal of Budapest since 2004. 

Besides the internet portal, an intranet system was also developed to facilitate efficient and cost-effective work. It is connected to the public section of the portal as a uniform system, enabling users to publish contents. The accessible, blind-friendly version of the portal features all the news and services of the public portal. 

„Our goal is to make all information about Budapest available through this portal. Accordingly, we are constantly expanding the amount of information of general interest available on our internet pages.”

Gábor Demszky
Mayor of Budapest

Important details and functions

  • Document store
  • 150 000 page downloads per week
  • Corporate search
  • Integrated external applications: LGIS, specialized library, list of approved suppliers
  • Sense/Net Portal Engine 5.5

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