Central Bank of Hungary

State-of-the-art central bank portal on a scalable server farm. Modern design and interactive functions.

We have been in close cooperation with the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) since 2004.
The aim of our projects has been to create a renewed portal with modern design which keeps in line with the visual standards of the portals of the European central banks. We have had various Sense/Net Portal Engine based projects and custom developments together. 

It has been a basic requirement of the base project to launch a CMS based easy data management solution, since almost 20 000 documents must be available on the internet daily. Further Sense/Net developments and interactive functions make the portal an authentic and always up-to-date source of official central bank information. 

Developments in cooperation between the Hungarian National Bank and Sense/Net:
  • Portal development using Sense/Net Portal Engine
  • System migration from the old single SQL+web server to multiple servers
  • The development and operation of a 10 computer system with 2 servers and clustered exchange functions
  • Portal redesign
  • The development of the Press Room, the Visitor Centre and other interactive functions

It is an important feature of the system that it automates most tasks on the portal and makes the communication of the bank more cost-effective. A special function is that the uploaded Microsoft Word and Excel contents are automatically converted into Adobe PDF format.

The portal offers researchers docstore-like extranet and a library system with an Oracle-based database.

The stability and scalability of the Sense/Net Portal Engine based system is proved by the number of visitors: at the time of rate decisions the visitor number of the portal is tripled, and goes up from about 50,000 page hits to 160,000.

Registered users can bookmark their favourite pages, which will appear as a collection at the next sign-on, avoiding unnecessary clicks and complicated searches. 

Portal contents are divided in two ways, on a thematic and a target audience basis. The homepage features a wide range of information from the history and operation of the Hungarian central bank to monetary policies and bank statistics. Visitors may also take a virtual Flash tour of the visitor centre, read the central bank law and up to date statistics and get RSS notice of the news.

The most important Sense/Net Portal Engine related custom developments of the Hungarian National Bank Portal:

  • Online visitor centre
  • Euro pages minisite
  • Balance of Payments Data Collection System website
  • Forint.hu microsite
  • Monetary minisite
  • Online press room

The MNB webservice and the rate change charts are also custom Sense/Net developments. The XML based webservice enables other web pages (e.g. the Gabonet Portal) to display the currency rates of MNB. The rate change charts are created in a secure system made up of data received via e-mail and users can define the period displayed. 

The Sense/Net based central bank portal allows the collection of balance of payments data and electronic data submission.

The content development and management tasks of the Hungarian National Bank portal are also performed by Sense/Net Ltd. 

„User satisfaction was one of the primary objectives of this MNB project, therefore we tried to categorize our quests in order to reach them in a targeted way. The result is a portal with a new philosophy dissimilar to classic approaches. We hope that the new structure makes our content more transparent and easier to handle.”

Gábor Missura
Central Bank of Hungary

Important details and functions

  • Newsletter
  • Permissions audit
  • 20,000 documents on the web
  • 10 servers
  • Sense/Net 6.0

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