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The Central Media project shows that there is a solution to the very common problem of having many different systems managing content across an organization. The website wellnesscafe.hu, with 25K visitors per day, was launched as part of a new initiative within the two-month trial project.

Central Media is a publisher of several magazines with separate offline and online editorial offices. Several CMS systems are used simultaneously because the companies were not founded at the same time and also because of combining technologies due to company acquisitions, making it difficult to harmonize the work of the different editorial offices.

The current CMS vendors - owing to their sizes, were not able to ensure a solution that could be developed in a flexible manner, operated economically, be license and user friendly, and make it possible to manage the content of multiple sites by a single system. That is why the idea of basing the solution on a standard, open source software solution occurred as an option.

 “Sense/Net 6.0 was a completely new product for us, so for this reason we have chosen the migration of wellnesscafe.hu as a pilot project. We determined the goals of the project together, and managed to accomplish them jointly, as the implementation was realized in two months.” -  said Attila Fodor, the project manager of Central Media.

The types of users cover a wide range: the site is edited by external experts, journalists, or salesmen among others, which results in different authority levels.

Wellnesscafe – which is a thematic website for health and wellness – requires much more from a portal engine than an ordinary on-line magazine. The incredibly large amoint of content is changed very frequently, the visitor rate and usage pattern is very high and dense, so everything must be very stable and extremely easy to use.The previous system ran on a LAMP stack, migrated to Microsoft platform (Microsoft Windows Server, Internet Information Server, .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server).

Apart from articles, a significant part of the content consists of campaigns and sweepstakes, related to the theme, as parts of the affiliate marketing activity. In order to accomplish this, a customized catalog browser, and a content-specific sponsor system was needed, keeping in mind the importance of measurability.

The editorials’ goals with Sense/Net were two-fold:  to have a system that could be quickly and easily developed and customized without the help of IT experts, and to be able to smoothly migrate a wide range of users to a single system. To achieve this, Sense/Net provided dedicated support and resources to the Sanoma team from the very beginning of the implementation.

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