Open Source ECM for the .Net platform

Sense/Net ECM is the industry’s first open source Microsoft SharePoint alternative for the .Net platform. Sense/Net ECM is dual licensed, with a free Community edition, and a fully supported Enterprise edition. It is sold via solution partners who design and build collaborative intranets, extranets, and public sites for their clients. 

We have implemented many enterprise content management projects with Microsoft SharePoint, but we rarely achieved a situation where both the customer and we were happy. SharePoint is extremely complex, difficult to customize and expensive. As a result projects based on SharePoint have very high risk. 

Based on our experience we created Sense/Net ECM.

Simple, open, robust with low cost

Sense/Net ECM is:
  • simple - For the end users we have created a UI with no clutter, for the developers we have extended familiar techniques of ASP.NET.
  • open - Sense/Net ECM is open source and we use open standards.
  • robust - Sense/Net ECM is designed for enterprise environments with high availability and easy scalability.
  • has low cost - Compared to Microsoft SharePoint the initial investment of a Sense/Net ECM system is minimal. Customers pay annual subscriptions.

Reseller network

Sense/Net wants to build a world-wide partner network. The Sense/Net partner program allows system integrators, web agencies, custom developer companies and hosters to re-sell Sense/Net products, implement custom solutions based on the core product, or even use the code to build a new product, all while providing profitable service and license revenue to the partner. Beyond 30% more partner profit Sense/Net promises up to 90% less ECM cost and less project risk.

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Workspace-based Collaboration

Manage documents, work with your peers across the globe in friendly online workspaces.

Document Management

Store, browse, search and share your files and office documents anywhere over the web.

Business Process Management

Check out the powerful workflow features and meet all business process challenges.

Web Content Management

Discover how easy it is to manage web content with Sense/Net extreme WYSIWYG.

Development Platform

Increase your bottom line with powerful features like the Content Repository built for web developers.

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You can use Sense/Net Community Editon under the terms of the GPL license, or you can evaluate the supported commercial Sense/Net Enterprise Edition for 120 days free of charge.

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We are eager to help you building your business on our true Open Source, workflow enabled alternative for proprietary stacks.

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