Workflow (Business Process Management)

Experience the power of Sense/Net ECM's workflow capabilities built on Windows Workflow Foundation 4. Leverage the everything-is-a-content approach and create processes that affect articles, forum entries, users - anything that's stored in the Content Repository.

Use the custom workflow actionsof Sense/Net, for example:

  • Create a content
  • Approve or reject a content
  • Wait for content change
  • Create workflow task
  • Send notification
  • ... and many more.

There are many business process templates built into the system, waiting for your customizations:

  • User registration and approval - video available
  • Tender evaluation - video available
  • News article approval
  • Expense claim
  • Event organization
  • ... and so on.

Our Workflow module meets all your business process needs: it's flexible, customizable, audit trails are available, it can meet regulations with ease and it is open source.


Truly, it's more than a workflow engine: for a developer, it can be the ultimate environment to create business functions quickly and effectively.


List of Workflow Features


Audit trail

All actions done when completing a workflow step are logged strongly in Sense/Net, so complete audit trail information can be queried if needed to answe the questions like Who? When? What?, and so on.

Automatic start

A workflow can start automatically, for example when a new document is uploaded into a Document Library with this and that properties.

Complex business processes

Workflow is much more than content approval. Workflow in Sense/Net represents complex business processes like hiring, expense report, vacation requests, employee evaluations, etc.

Content workflow

Content workflows are related to one particular content. For example an Approval workflow is started on a document. This Related Content must be available before the workflow starts and during the whole life cycle of the workflow.

GUI for configuration

After a workflow created with the visual designer is uploaded to the portal, the final configuration steps are done there in the browser (like assigning the exact users, setting time delays, etc.).

Manual start

A workflow can be started manually, for example when a user uploads an expense report and submits it to his boss.

Sense/Net actions

Sense/Net content items and actions can be added in the visual designer, like: create content, approve content, query content, notification, etc.

Standalone workflow

Standalone workflows can be used in the whole portal, wherever the administrator wants a workflow entry point. They are not related to a particular content, for example because it does not exist yet (like the user during a registration process) or there are more than one content that the workflow is related to.


Tasks represent human interaction steps with a workflow action. For example, approval, evaluation, correction - anything that is done by the user. Sense/Net will generate a task and notify the user about it.

Visual Studio programming

Developers can create their custom actions in Visual Studio, for example to integrate it with 3rd party systems or to represent an industry-specific action.

Visual workflow design

Sense/Net workflows can be created with the Visual Workflow Designer of Visual Studio, by simple drag-and-drop and easy parameter configuration. A business user can create a complicated workflow after several hours of training.

Workflow Foundation 4

Sense/Net uses Windows Workflow Foundation 4 as workflow engine with a tight integration into its Content Repository. All standard WF4 components and existing knowledge can be leveraged.

Workflow status report

Current status of running, completed or aborted workflows are displayed in the system, so users can know what's happening with the processes.

Workflow to list

A workflow is more than a simple approval. It is a well-defined business process, which, for instance is related to a list item - which can be anything: a document, a record, a memo, an event or a client. It can have what-if's, branches, many decisions and many different outcomes depending on the input data and the actions of the participants. Workflows can be assigned to lists and document libraries to manage contents in a company-standardized way.


Workflows created by the visual designer are saved in XAML format and they are uploaded into the Content Repository and from that moment handled and integrated into Sense/Net.

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