Your future platform for .NET development

Sense/Net ECM as a platform can be used:

  • To integrate all current web applications into a single platform
  • To unify the look-and-feel (a.k.a. User Interface) of all web applications and thus shorten the learning curve
  • To manage all web applications from a single administrative interface
  • To provide the same security layer for each web application
  • To be the single platform of future Enterprise web application development
  • To utilize all past .NET-based investments but receive the benefit of open source

Features which enable this are:


  • Robust Content Repository: a central repository to store all objects of the organization. In this case, all users, content and web applications are considered as objects. This is the backbone of the organization, into which everything is connected and managed centrally. Content has permission settings, custom metadata, workflows, actions and other things that ensure its consistent handling. It can be part of an applications, an application itself, an uploaded document, a web page, etc. Content query and search is based on Lucene.NET. 
  • Unified User Interface: all web applications share the same style, button set and user interface logic to ensure a homogeneous look-and-feel. All future development can use the provided style set, while existing applications can (and should) be modified to also use the same set,  while integrating seamlessly with the UI.
  • Smart Application Model: with the help of the Smart Application Model, there’s no need for development at the display layer. All you need to deal with is content - and nearly all objects are considered content: data, users, portlets, documents, text. Every piece of content can serve itself, and can be referenced by a valid, search-friendly URL. The mode of serving is very easy to customize and can meet all possible requirements. The display itself can vary from site to site. Bottom line: to build a site, you first define content, and then pages to display that content.
  • Open Source, .NET: being open source gives you all the infinite possibilities of not limiting yourself to a proprietary ECMS engine. You can modify anything, or add additional modules where necessary.NET gives you enterprise scalability, access to the very latest enterprise developments, and a professional toolset that makes development extremely fast and effective. Also, you can continue to leverage your existing Visual Studio, Microsoft, and other technology investments.

List of Infrastructural Capabilities


AD Authentication

Users can authenticate against Active Directory when logging in to the system.

AD Synchronization

Sense/Net can sync with Active Directories - including OU, Group and User. Synchronization can be two-way, so when somebody modifies his profile (eg. Title) in Sense/Net, it can be sync'd back to AD.

Built-in groups

Sense/Net has many built-in groups with pre-set settings: visitor, everyone, administrator, etc. These are pre-set groups to ease the initial working steps with Sense/Net.


In Sense/Net it is possible to cache data or information only while the request is being processed independent of the component, server control, or page.

CAPTCHA control

It is possible to create submit forms (eg. Registration, survey, poll, comment) with CAPTCHA control to avoid spamming, phishing or any other malicious user behaviour.

Content Repository

Content Repository is the storage layer of Sense/Net. It is the container of Content - individual blocks of information or data; and also provides the service layer to manipulate (add, copy, move, delete) Content. It is permission-based, like everything in the system.


Whatever the scenario, it is possible to reference any content within any content or part of the portal easily. The content picker is an intelligent, search-enabled tool to select and reference the right piece of content to the right place.


Sense/Net is very easy to debug with standard Visual Studio tools.


Sense/Net is an open source product with strong documentation, trainings, examples and community. We do all to support professional and hobby developers as well, enabling them to create the application and site they want.


Sense/Net has full documentation available at .

Easy install/deployment/restore

Sense/Net is very easy to deploy. With the Web Deployment Toolkit it takes about 10 clicks and 5 minutes.

Export/import tools

Sense/Net has import and export tools, which can be used in many ways. Firstly, it is possible to migrate content between two Sense/Net instances. Secondly, they can import content from other systems. Thirdly, they can be used to safely backup content to a standard, XML format.

Forms-based authentication

Without AD integration, users are authenticated against Sense/Net's own identity management module.

High availability

High availability deployments of Sense/Net makes it possible to ensure maximum availability and minimum downtime. There can be failover clusters, hot swap copies, etc.

Jquery based UI

Sense/Net's UI is Jquery-based, so developers and builders can leverage standard knowledge to create skins and sites.


Sense/Net deployments can be load-balanced to ensure the right response time and adequate server performance.


If set, Sense/Net logs everything it does into the standard Event Logger utility of Windows Server, thus smoothing into the standard operating environment of the servers.


A content can have many permissions, including user or group-level allowance or prohibition and the level of permission for a given user or group (edit, save, remove, check-in etc.). Permissions are inherited through the structure, they can be cut at any point plus they can be made whole again later. There is explicit deny and allow setting, making it easy to create strong security sites.

Proxy purge portlet

This Portlet is designed to purge URLs immediately from the proxy cache. It uses a configurable algorithm to collect the URL list for a particular content that needs to be sent to the proxy for purging.

Proxy support

In order to be able to setup a portal behind proxy server(s) Sense/Net provides some configuration settings to fine-adjust behavior of response for content requests. Sense/Net supports proxy configuration by indicating cached and unmodified content in response headers. This way if a browser requests ie. an image, a proxy is allowed to serve the request and it will not get to the web server

Purge From Proxy action

The Purge From Proxy Action is for editors who want to remove the dependencies of a specific content or page from the proxy cache.


Sense/Net implements a very strong security model on content level. It is possible to create very tight settings, making a virtually impenetrable site.


Sense/Net follows Internet standards, such as CSS, HTML, JS, XML.

Web Parts

Sense/Net is built on the Web Part Infrastructure.


Content views can be created both in XSLT and ASCX, giving the freedom of choice to portal builders.


Search Functions


Index the Content Repository

The entire content repository is indexed - full text and meta-data as well. Since the essence of Sense/Net is querying and searching, it is a very quick and efficient indexing.

Document types

All popular document types (MS Office, PDF, etc.) are indexed in Sense/Net and thus are searchable.

Search portlet

Search results can be "forwarded" to portlets, which can display them with custom formatting. Also it is possible to create custom search portlets which query only part of the Content hierarchy or operate with some pre-set settings.


All content in Sense/Net can be queried, displaying the results with a custom view (as a list, as a catalogue, as a news section, etc). Listings pages, product catalogues, news portals and other such sites are very easy to implement this way.

Full text search

The full content of all managed contents (including documents) is searchable.

Workspace-based Collaboration

Manage documents, work with your peers across the globe in friendly online workspaces.

Document Management

Store, browse, search and share your files and office documents anywhere over the web.

Business Process Management

Check out the powerful workflow features and meet all business process challenges.

Web Content Management

Discover how easy it is to manage web content with Sense/Net extreme WYSIWYG.

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