Document Management

Sense/Net ECM offers enterprise-grade document management features at a fraction of the cost of SharePoint and other monolithic ECM suites. You can manage business documents with version control (check-in/check-out)  and version history, standardized metadata and approval features while ensuring that all security and role-based policies are applied.



Shared drive replacement    Office integration
Documents in Sense/Net document libraries can be managed from a simple file management tool (like Windows Explorer or Total Commander) without opening a browser, just like accessing a shared drive.   Documents in Sense/Net document libraries can be managed directly from Microsoft Office, without opening a browser. Sense/Net ECM behaves as SharePoint to Microsoft Office.
Version control   Business rules on document libraries
Users can automatically track major and minor versions of documents. They can compare different versions in version history and restore an older one.
  Workflows can be assigned to lists and document libraries to manage contents. Users can add custom workflows to extend the built-in ones.

So much more than a shared drive

Sense/Net ECM’s document management capabilities give you a shared-drive experience with the power of collaboration, search, versioning and audit. By installing Sense/Net ECM you can replace your old shared drive without any desktop installation or training for users. You can start to enjoy the extra features of custom meta-data, version control and history, audit log and approval immediately. Documents are accessible for search, alongside with every managed content of the system.

Access documents from Office

You can use Sense/Net Document Libraries from Office without desktop installation. You can open and save documents in Document Libraries with version control and history. You can also start automatic workflows by publishing documents to Document Libraries. View a video about Office Integration!

Apply business processes

With Sense/Net ECM, you can enable your companies' business processes for the documents in the Document Library. Be it a simple one-step approval, or a complicated sales quoting process, you can easily handle it with Sense/Net. You define how your organization works and Sense/Net follows. Our document workflow system is extremely flexible and can be set up with standard tools.

Document preview (from Sense/Net Enterprise V6.3 only)

View virtually any kind of document in a browser, without having to download them and open a client application, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Acrobat, etc. Add highlights, annotations and redact sensitive information in the browser. Control sensitive information with permissions. Users may be allowed to view documents only with redations (areas covered in black, burned into the preview image in an unremovable way), with watermarks or in full. Convert documents to PDF for download with special permissions. Zoom, pan, scroll any way you want. No client side installation required, works in all standard browsers that have JavaScript. Works on tablets and mobile browsers as well. Additional document types can be previewed by integrating any third party converters using the API.



Other Document Management Features


Audit trail

All actions done when checking a document in or when completing a workflow step are logged strongly in Sense/Net, so complete audit trail information can be queried if needed to answer the questions like Who? When? What?, and so on.


A document (or any content is Sense/Net for that matter) can be checked out, to be editable only by a single user. Once he finished editing, he check it in, to let Sense/Net know that he is now finished and would like to upload to changes. The changes are reflected in the version history and now another user can work with the document.

Document Library

Document libraries are the basic logical units for managing documents. A document library is a special list in a workspace, which can contain folders, document sets, documents, files with their respective meta-data, permissions, workflows and so on.

Document lifecycle

Document lifecycles can be managed in Sense/Net: compose, capture, review, approve, store, retrieve and archive, meeting organizational regulations and standards.

Document Set

A document set is a set of documents which are tied together by belonging to the same case, folder or some other business fact. They are handled together (e.g. Going to a workflow together), they share meta-data (such us filing number, timestamps, etc.) and they behave like a single document with its appendices and so on. Document sets can be managed in Sense/Net document libraries.

Document templates

An organization can upload various templates to Sense/Net to use them at document libraries to author new documents. These templates are opened directly in Office applications, then saved back in version-controlled way to a document library.

Index and Search

Documents stored in Sense/Net are indexed and thus searchable. Both full-text and meta-data search is available.

List customization

A list can be customized from the GUI by adding or editing fields, views, meta-data and so on.

List fields

A list has many fields: they are the properties (or meta data) of managed list items (eg. Documents). They can be edited freely from the GUI, adding more, removing or editing some.

List views

A list view displays the contents of a list. It can be editing from the GUI, specifying the range of displayed properties, sorting, ordering, folder structure and so on.

Meta data

Documents can have meta-data, completely defined by the user form the GUI, which can be used to query documents, sort documents and to utilize them in workflows. These are the essential descriptive data which make easy to work with larger number of files in the organization.


Users can subscribe to a given content, including documents in Sense/Net document libraries, or the whole document library, to receive email notifications when that content is changed or updated. Users may request an immediate notification or a daily, weekly or monthly report. Sense/Net also enables them to manage (edit, delete or temporarily suspend) their subscriptions.


A list item (eg. a Document) can have many permission settings, including user or group-level allowance or prohibition and the level of permission for a given user or group (edit, save, remove, check-in etc.). Permissions are inherited through the structure, they can be cut at any point plus they can be made whole again later.


Any content or any set of contents in Sense/Net can be subscribed to, to receive RSS notifications periodically about the status of content. This includes document libraries or individual documents.


Various taxonomies can be set up to display documents from document libraries in Sense/Net, to meet the requirements of different business units within the organization. Smart folders and queries guarantee that each organization can see the contents as the like it.


Depending on document library settings, documents deleted in Sense/Net can go to a central trash instead of being permanently deleted. Thus they can be restored if needed.


A workflow is more than a simple approval. It is a well-defined business process, which, for instance is related to a document. It can have what-if's, branches, many decisions and many different outcomes depending on the input data and the actions of the participants. Workflows can be assigned to lists and document libraries to manage contents in a company-standardized way.

Workspace-based Collaboration

Manage documents, work with your peers across the globe in friendly online workspaces.

Business Process Management

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Web Content Management

Discover how easy it is to manage web content with Sense/Net extreme WYSIWYG.

Development Platform

Increase your bottom line with powerful features like the Content Repository built for web developers.

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