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Sense/Net ECM WCM allows you to build, manage and maintain websites and intranets in a unique, highly productive way. Sense/Net’s Smart Application Model elevates site building to a different level, enabling shorter deployment timeframes with less risk and no barriers during development.

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What makes Sense/Net unique in the endless field of WCM vendors? What can you achieve with this product that you cannot with other ones? How is it possible to bring something new to this well-established industry? Based on more than 15 years in this industry, we know what is needed to stand out:  Extreme flexibility and Smart Building.

What is Extreme Flexibility?

We know that there are no two similar working styles, and we know that every customer demand is different. We also know that in reality, there is no single, good-for-all system that will meet all customers’ needs. With Sense/Net, you can build whatever you want - the way you want and need it.

Sense/Net ECM is open source, with every feature and capability fully documented and customizable.  This extreme flexibility will ensure that you are never stuck with “canned” functionality that is only suited for certain types of applications.


List of Web Content Management Functions


Application Model

All content in Sense/Net has custom actions which can be invoked from the URL or programatically. All content types can have different behaviours for actions like browse, edit, delete, checkout, permissions, add news, etc. When you create a new content type, these actions are generated by default and you can ovveride them with your own, if you like. You can also add new ones, of course.


Breadcrumb is an easy way to show where a user is when clicking through the site. It shows how he got there, what subpage he is at, and where is that given subpage in the content hierarchy. Essentially, it makes harder to get lost in the site.

Content Collection

Different content can be organized in content collections, which display content from various parts of the content hierarchy based on some criteria.

Content embedding

You can embed any type of third party content within a Sense/Net content. It is very easy to ember YouTube videos, external articles, ads, images - or even a Sense/Net content within a Sense/Net content.

Content history

Every content stores its history in Sense/Net so at any time users with the right permissions can query what has happened with it in the past. This is useful for audit trails and deciding who-did-what-when.

Content Lifecycle Management

Every content can have its lifecycle managed by Sense/Net. Creation, display, hide, archive, trash and delete - these are all managed by the system depending on the settings made for a given content.

Content Templates

All content in Sense/Net are based on content templates. A content template describes that a content is, what fields and properties it has and how it behaves in different situations.

Content Views

All content types can have custom content views created in XSLT or in ASCX. A content view is invoked automatically when a content is displayed. Same content types can have different views in different sections of the site.

Cross browser

The admin intefraces and all sites created in Sense/Net work with all major browsers.

Explore view

Explore view in Sense/Net is the administrator interface on which portal builders, developers and operators can access the entire content hierarchy, all views, content types, workflows, users and so on. It is possible to create different administrator roles with different permission levels for different sections of the site.

File upload

Files can be uploaded to the content hierarchy and then displayed on the site (like product brochures, attachments, price lists, legal documents, downloads, etc.) Both single and multiple file upload is support.


A list-based simple wizard which makes a user able to create a form easily from the GUI. The filled forms are saved to the database, can be subject to workflows or business processes, email notifications, etc. Saved elements are displayed in the list, with all list functionalities.

Friendly URL

All URLs in Sense/Net are search engine friendly - they can be anything the portal builder wants.


It is possible to create upload images and then display them in image galleries, for example next to articles or products.


Users can be organized into groups. Any group can have any permissions for a given content or section, depending on your custom settings.


All content are stored in a central Content Repository, with a clear hierarchy. Since everything is a content in Sense/Net (pages, articles, users, workflows, groups, folders, lists, workspaces, skins, page templates, etc), all things are within the large descriptive tree. This makes it very easy to work with the system on admin level.

Image crop, resize

Sense/Net resizes or crops images automatically, for example to create a mobile version of the site.

Inline editing

Any content can be edited where it is displayed, how it is displayed. Editors do not need to navigate to a separate screen or tool, simple edit the content where it is.

Multi language

A site can have many languages - contents can have many languages as well. You can either create a different structure for the addiitonal language, or have the same structure with the content having multiple language options.

Multi site

A single Sense/Net deployment can manage multiple sites, multiple URLs and multiple security settings per site. A single installation can be used to have an Intranet, several Websites and Extranets.


Navigation is dynamic in Sense/Net. By creating pages at a given level of the hierarchy and setting them to be "visible", you create a menu/navigation for the site. Formatting navigation to be floating or sliding is very easy so creating custom navigation schemes is without any difficulty.


Pages are what users are getting when viewing some section of a site built with Sense/Net. Pages typically display one or more content, content lists, content collections, navigations and some user actions.

Page Template

In Sense/Net, you can create many page templates and use them as you like - you can mix them in a single site, re-use them at different sites and so on.


A list-based simple wizard which makes a user able to create a poll easily from the GUI. The completed polls are saved to the database, can be subject to workflows or business processes, email notifications, etc. Saved elements are displayed in the list, with all list functionalities.


Portlets are the building blocks of the Sense/Net Page. A Portlet is a widget or small application that can be placed on the Page to fulfill a specific task. These tasks can range from simply displaying Content, displaying navigation, to searching and listing data from different databases.

Protected pages

Any part of the site can be password protected - single pages or entire sections. Only users with the required permissions can enter that part of the site.


All content in Sense/Net can be queried, displaying the results with a custom view (as a list, as a catalogue, as a news section, etc). Listings pages, product catalogues, news portals and other such sites are very easy to implement this way.


Users can have roles. A role decides a user's general permissions and what he can do in the system.


Any content or any set of contents in Sense/Net can be subscribed to, to receive RSS notifications periodically about the status of those content. This includes content collections, sections of pages or the entire site.


All content are indexed and searchable in Sense/Net, including web content with all attachments and links.


All sites created in Sense/Net can be easily Search Engine Optimized. The engine supports this 100%.


Sitemap displays pages and how they are related to each other in a tree view. It makes easy to find something specific on the site or to have a general overview quickly.

Skin System

The skin system is the way of changing design and layout in Sense/Net. You can create many skins and layouts for the site, representing different kind of design, corporate guidelines or seasonal styles. Implementing a new skin is fairly easy.


When a content or application is created, it is possible to test it in a staging environment via Sense/Net migration tools.


A list-based simple wizard which makes a user able to create a survey easily from the GUI. The filled surveys are saved to the database, can be subject to workflows or business processes, email notifications, etc. Saved elements are displayed in the list, with all list functionalities.

Valid HTML

All pages generated by Sense/Net produce valid HTML content, nicely structured, without any additional, unnecessary code.

Version control

If a content is modified, its new version is uploaded into Sense/Net. It is stored "above" the previous version, which is kept in the system. Users can compare different versions in version history and make an older one the current one, if needed.


WebDAV is a protocol to upload files from applications like Windows Explorer to Sense/Net. You can upload document like you do to a network drive or a different folder on your computer.


Any content can be edited with a WYSIWYG editor in the browser with full cross-browser support.

Workspace-based Collaboration

Manage documents, work with your peers across the globe in friendly online workspaces.

Document Management

Store, browse, search and share your files and office documents anywhere over the web.

Business Process Management

Check out the powerful workflow features and meet all business process challenges.

Development Platform

Increase your bottom line with powerful features like the Content Repository built for web developers.

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