The story behind sensenet

sensenet started out as an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with the goal to provide enterprise-grade solutions for businesses of all size. After years of development and experience, sensenet has emerged as a headless CMS while retaining all the features that make your job easier whether you are a developer, a content creator, or a leader of your organization. Today, it serves as a powerful and solid content repository with limitless integration possibilities.

The core ideas driving development were to shorten the learning curve and give developers the means to work with sensenet using the framework they prefer. Going another step further, we decided to implement SNaaS and take over all the hosting and installation related tasks by giving you access to a dedicated content repository in a subscription-based model. Whether you are working on an enterprise-level solution or a hobby project, in sensenet you will always find the right plan suitable for your needs.

Through our experiences as an ECM, providing enterprise-grade solutions for our partners, we have understood the problems they are facing, and we want to help them overcome these challenges. In addition, the feature set originally developed for enterprise environments has been continuously improved over the years. Today, we offer it to a much broader audience.

With sensenet as a service (SNaaS), you can discover the capabilities of our powerful and versatile headless CMS and learn how to implement your own solution – no longer having to deal with installation and hosting related tasks. Start your adventure with a free plan, then upgrade later to Business or a tailor-made Enterprise Plan! Learn more and compare plans on our pricing page.