June 2019


sensenet Services 7.6.1

There are bug fixes and new features as well in this release, please take a look at the following list of changes.

This release requires an upgrade patch to be executed if you already have a database. Download the patch from the assets list below.


  • Shared lock: for multiple users to be able to edit the same document in the browser.
  • CORS wildcard support: you can define a subdomain with a wildcard for CORS.
  • Comment OData API: a simple API for managing comments next to preview images.
  • AccessToken cleanup: periodically remove old tokens.
  • add a built-in method for configuring the external blob provider.
  • in preparation for cloud patching, we made the ContentType system more robust by allowing it to start even if a content handler is missing.
  • from now on it is possible to edit the allowed child types on a content from the client easily using PATCH or PUT OData requests.

Bug fixes

  • the Open in editor action takes file extension and permissions into account when deciding whether the action is available to the client or not.
  • a null reference error has been fixed in the desktop access provider for console environments.

Package changes to support .Net Standard


To get started please follow the instructions in the Install sensenet from NuGet article.

sensenet Preview 7.1.2

This release contains the following features and changes:


Road to .Net Standard

  • We converted the Controller project to .Net Standard.

This release requires an upgrade patch, please download it from the Assets list.


To get started please follow the install guide.