March 2020


sensenet Services 7.7.8

This release is mostly a technical update that takes us closer to a full .Net Core solution. It also contains several bug fixes.

This release does not require an upgrade patch if you already have the previous version installed: it is enough to update the packages in Visual Studio.


  • CORS: the allowed origin feature is available in sensenet .net core apps (#834).
  • Repository file download is available in .net core (#789).
  • In-memory repository: it is possible to import content while the repository is running (#881).
  • We published the Storage project as a standalone nuget package (#883).

Bug fixes

  • We return the default value if a setting could not be loaded (#877).
  • The new .net core user discovery algorithm became more sophisticated (commit 21d4c7e31db4fdfc69c137449b9019525eb1ece1)


To get started please follow the instructions in the Install sensenet from NuGet article.