April 2020


sensenet ContentRepository 7.7.9 and Services.Core 0.0.7

This release is mostly a technical update that takes us closer to a full .Net Core solution. It also contains several bug fixes.

If you have the .Net Framework version of sensenet installed, this release does not require an upgrade patch: it is enough to update the packages in Visual Studio.


  • Added a new action and infrastructure for registering users using external providers.
  • Our authentication middleware accepts identifiers in the client_sub claim as well along with the original sub claim.
  • Secure file download feature has been implemented in the .Net Core Services layer.
  • The in-memory blob provider (for testing purpuses) is able to handle chunk file upload requests.
OData improvements

Bug fixes

sensenet Tools 3.2.2

This is a minor release containing only a bug fix related to OS-independent file path handling.

Bug fixes

SenseNet.Search.Lucene29.Centralized 1.3.1

In this minor release we added an option to the Centralized search engine to configure WCF binding through code.

sensenet Client for .Net 2.0.4

This is a minor release containing only a small api expansion related to server definition.

Bug fixes