May 2020


sensenet Services Wopi for .Net Core

This release takes us closer to a full .Net Core solution. It also contains several bug fixes.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed the Office Online editing issue that prevented other users see changes made in the editor.
  • In the .Net Core version the Versioning and approving actions were not filtered by status.
  • Upload works for content types in the .Net Core version.

sensenet Client for .Net 2.0.5

This is a minor release containing a number of under-the-hood features and a few new APIs.


  • in developer mode it is possible to trust all or some server certificates
  • added several new APIs that make sending OData requests easier
  • old web request APIs that used HttpWebRequest became obsolete

sensenet Search Lucene29 Centralized 1.3.2

In this release we are introducing an experimental client (and service host) for the Centralized Search Service that uses the gRPC technology instead of WCF. This is a step toward hosting the search service in a more modern containerized environment.

sensenet Preview Controller 7.2

This is a technical release for supporting the latest sensenet packages and making a few steps toward a .Net Core-compatible preview package.