May 2020 vol. 2


sensenet Index backup API

This release contains several bug fixes and the basics of the new index backup feature.


  • Added several custom CTDs and field visibility options to the base package.
  • Index backup API added as part of the backup EPIC.
  • Binary fields are expandable on the OData API.

Bug fixes

  • OData action array parameters are recognized correctly.
  • The preview provider became configurable using the repo builder interface.
  • Checking saving action on a headonly node works.

sensenet Lucene 2.9 Index backup API

The theme of this release is to support the latest search API in sensenet. The backup API implementation will come on a later date.

sensenet Preview package modernization

This is a technical release for supporting the latest sensenet packages and making a few steps toward a .Net Core-compatible preview package.


  • Aspose projects are moved to the sn-preview-aspose repository
  • Preview API got async methods.
  • Preview installer became a self-contained installer project.

sensenet Aspose Preview provider 7.3.0

In this release we have moved the Aspose implementation of the sensenet Preview feature to this separate repository.