August 2020


sensenet Tools 3.2.5

This release contains a couple of features that will help testing and using the official ILogger interface in .Net Core.


  • The object accessor API lets developers work with static members and inherited types.
  • The new logger implementation will let app developers connect the ILogger API with the sensenet logging API.

sensenet Client for .Net 2.0.7

This is a minor release containing an initial version of the new Token Store API.


  • The new Token Store API helps developers with requesting and storing access tokens.

sensenet application start and OData improvements

This release contains new features, bug fixes and package additions to support the upcoming service infrastructure.

New OData features

  • The new GetAcl action returns the information necessary for the client to manage permission settings.
  • Our OData API has the ability to filter actions similarly to content collections. This will help reduce the response size.
  • Some of our actions now return a JSON response instead of a null value to let the client handle the response correctly.

Backend improvements

  • We ported the old Membership Extender feature to the .Net Core environment.
  • We started to refactor our test projects to .Net Core to make tests run faster and be more flexible.
  • We started working on modernizing the application start API to work seamlessly with the new .Net Core dependency injection infrastructure.

Bug fixes

  • Uploading a CTD is now possible: the backend recognizes the correct parent type from the provided xml.
  • Download is fixed on localhost sites by modifying cookie settings.
  • The maintenance log was flooded with trace messages, because of incorrect type load.

sensenet as a service improvements

  • When a user registers to the repository using an external provider (e.g. GitHub or Google) their avatar is saved to the repository.
  • Several content field defaults, allowed child types and localization values have changed to support the service admin UI.

sensenet TaskManagement Core v2.2

In this release we updated the core Task Management library to modernize the task manager API and continued to upgrade the web and agent projects to work in a .Net Core environment.

sensenet Preview Controller 7.3.2

This is a technical release to support the latest sensenet packages.

sensenet Aspose Preview provider 7.3.2

This release follows the changes in the core product. In an existing application please update the NuGet package to get the latest version.