October 2020


sensenet: Enhanced automatic patching

This release contains new features and bug fixes to support the upcoming service infrastructure.

Enhanced automatic patching

We added the second set of features to the automatic patching infrastructure: developers are able to execute patch operations before and after the repository has started. This makes it possible to install or patch features that require database changes.

We also made sure that patches run exclusively, even if there are other app domain (re)starting in the environment at the same time.

OData features

  • We added the original path info to the Move and Copy batch OData actions so that the client can manage the UI after the operations.
  • The field information returned by the GetSchema action contains enum names instead of their integer representation.

Bug fixes

sensenet as a service improvements

  • We are working towards an enterprise loggin infrastructure. Registering the necessary ILogger types is the first step.
  • Audit event writer is configurable so that an empty audit writer can be set in certain applications to keep the database log smaller.

sensenet Tools 3.2.6

This is a minor release containing a new extension method for registering our ILogger wrapper classes.

sensenet Client for .Net 2.0.8

This is a minor release containing a fix related to reference fields.

Bug fix