November 2020


sensenet: Field registration and binary improvements

This release contains new features and bug fixes to support the upcoming service infrastructure.


  • Improved admin and group protection: it is not possible to lock out ourselves from the repository anymore by deleting the last admin, or disabling certain users.

OData improvements

Bug fixes

  • Unknown property error after adding a new field to the CTD.
  • Uploading an existing file threw error in some cases.
  • We handle well-known field name registration correctly to provide a more meaningful error message.
  • Auto-patch fix: an installer will run only once, even if there is a faulty patch in the db.
  • Removed default value from birthday field of users to prevent UI date value confusion.

sensenet as a service improvements

  • The ModifiedBy field became hidden by default to avoid UI clutter.
  • It is possible to configure the system to delete binaries immediately instead of relying on a background job.

sensenet Client for .Net 2.0.9

This is a minor release containing a feature related to access tokens.


  • From now on it is possible to provide the client id along the secret when requesting an auth token.