December 2020


sensenet: Public admin and user registration improvements

This release contains bug fixes and minor features to support the upcoming service infrastructure.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a datetime minvalue issue by using the built-in .Net datetime minvalue instead of the old SQL value, which was too restrictive.
  • From now on we save longtext values in unicode format to prevent loosing some characters.
  • When an OData post contained certain special characters (the '=' or '&' sign for example), the server parsed it incorrectly.
  • A protected group's initial import runs correctly, even if there are no real users in the group yet.

sensenet as a service improvements

  • We added a new public admin user to let customers create different types of clients that work with the repository.
  • When users register to SNaaS using their external accounts (Google or GitHub) and we already have the user in the system, we'll simply merge these accounts.

sensenet Client for .Net 2.0.10

This is a minor release containing new tests and a consolidated token interface.


  • We consolidated the token store and token provider interfaces to be more consistent.
  • We added more tests and logs related to authentication and url handling.