March 2021


sensenet WebHooks

This release contains bug fixes to support the upcoming service infrastructure and the new WebHooks feature.


  • The first version of WebHooks is released! You can start subscribing to events and receive them in a 3rd party service.

Bug fixes

  • Predication engine is able to run on Delete events correctly.
  • Removed http (non-secure) support from the WOPI feature. We support https-only connections from now on.
  • Workspace name length was too restrictive, it is possible to create workspaces with names up to a 100 characters from now on.

sensenet as a service improvements

  • We extended the DB usage informatin provided by the repository.
  • We started to work on modernizing our data layers to use the .Net dependency injection infrastructure.
  • Field ordering and visibility has been rearranged in several built-in CTDs to make the UI more straightforward.