April 2021


WebHook payload and blob test infrastructure

This release contains a new WebHook feature and several internal features and bug fixes to support the sensenet service infrastructure.


  • Our WebHook module is now able to send a custom payload when a webhook is triggered. This lets developers connect to already existing 3rd party services.

Bug fixes

  • We consolidated many of our built-in content type icon names so that the frontend can use a unified icon set.
  • The Type field value was missing from the OData response in some cases.

Testing and infrastructure

  • We are in the middle of moving our old tests to the new API that is able to handle integration tests in a unified way. In this release we moved our blob tests to the new test project.
  • We improved reference property handling in our in-memory database so that tests can work in a unified way.
  • Added caching for index documents so that the document is generated only once when needed.

sensenet as a service improvements

  • To aid our admin UI dashboard, we added more information to the version info action result.
  • We are working on modernizing our backend classes to work with dependency injection. This time we refactored our binary layer to work with instances instead of a static API.
  • Added a new logger option during patching to let us collect more detailed messages during patching.

sensenet Client for .Net 2.0.11

This is a minor release containing a small fix and a new content property.


  • We added a new FieldNames property to the Content class to have a list of field names found in the response.

Bug fixes

  • Removed a JObject restriction when deserializing a response to let the caller work with JArrays too.