May 2021


sensenet: Deleted events and new configuration possibilities

This release contains a few new features and many bug fixes to support the sensenet service infrastructure.


  • We consolidated Deleted content events. Move is not fired anymore when deleting to the Trash, and Delete/DeletePhysical events are fired when appropriate.
  • Added new field configuration for setting the minimum and maximum value for a DateTime field.

Bug fixes

  • Several string resource identifiers appeared on the UI after creating a new resource content. We fixed this by restarting the string resource handler on the backend when necessary.
  • There was an EntityNotFoundException when editing member list of a group containing nonexisting member ids.
  • We hid the unnecessary field Owner when visitor from the UI to avoid confusion.
  • There was a typo in the GetVersionInfo action response.
  • We added a new identifier to OData operations so that the client can tell apart different actions that have the same name.
  • OData expand works correctly for see-only content items and available head-only fields.
  • Removed some old and unnecessary APIs related to NodeType creation.

Testing and infrastructure

sensenet as a service improvements

sensenet Tools 3.2.7

This is a minor release containing a new extension method for setting the global configuration instance earlier.

Security data providers in service containers

This release contains under-the-hood refactors and a couple of improvements.


  • From now on both EF6 and EFC security data providers can be used with dependency injection.
  • InMemory data provider can be used as an instance.

Search services in dependency injection container

This release contains a bug fix and a couple of new extension methods for registering search services.


  • Added new extension methods to let developers use the search services in a modern .Net Core app environment.

Bug fixes

  • We eliminated the waiting time when starting the application with an existing write.lock file.