Hacktoberfest 2020 sum-up

November 11, 2020molnarm84, huszerlbence

Hacktoberfest 2020 is over, thanks for all the contributors. Check this year's stats and results.

sensenet joined #Hacktoberfest celebration for the second time. This year, learned from our experiences back in 2019, we prepared a lot and created a dedicated site and much more to help open source contributors around the world🌍.

This was a special year for us since we launched 🚀, along with Hacktoberfest, our new software as a service product (called SNaaS).

In the first week we had many registrations and contributors started to work on the dedicated issues. In the coming weeks the buzz chilled down, mainly because of stricter event rules and because of the fact that this year we wanted real contributions in the form of end-to-end tests written in cypress. Now, let's see the exact numbers.


resolved issues: 20

winners: 13 (special thanks for those who resolved more than one issue)

Since we launched SNaaS in BETA along with Hacktoberfest, as part of the challenge, contributors had to register to the service and claim a free repository. During October we had 36 new repo registrations altogether. These repositories can be used in the future as part of our developer plan or upgraded if your project requires so (see our plans here).


This year we made limited edition super socks 🧦 (not the usual t-shirt) for the winners and a 10% coupon for SNaaS business plan. We contacted all the winners with further details, the production will start in the next few weeks and you will get your swag as soon as possible.

See you next year

Again, thanks for all the contributors🙏. Keep using your repositories and feel free to give us feedback, our ears are wide open. (:

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