6 ways to unlock true collaboration with a headless cms

March 10, 2021herflis

6 ways to unlock true collaboration with a headless cms

Working on a project in a cross-functional team can be full of pitfalls. I have some tips on how you could use sensenet avoiding them and boosting team productivity at the same time.

1. Versioning and Approval

Basic building blocks of a collaborative content management process are the different states of content aka. versions in terms of sensenet. The whole lifecycle of a content from the first draft till the final public version can be tracked using version numbers. Set versioning and approval on a container and your team will be able to follow if a content should be reviewed, corrected or approved both on the admin surface and with the API.

Versioning and approval flow

2. Sharing

With sensenet you can invite your teammates or customers to share content with them, no matter how far they are from you at the moment. Registered users or groups can join you to work on the same content on various levels (view, edit) and you can share link of a content with external users let them, review it or even work together without them having to register. Work together remotely like pros, give your projects a collaborative boost with content sharing!


3. Preview comments

Document preview feature of sensenet is a useful teamwork tool in itself letting you upload your docs and share them with people who don't have the tools to open them. To make it more powerful we have added the possibility to comment any part of the preview images. This way you could even discuss the design plans with the customer, moving the whole project and all the related content to the same hub.

Preview comments

4. Office Online editing

Why would you use different tools for each work phase when you can write, review, discuss and correct docs directly in the browser? Office Online editing is integrated to sensenet making it possible to collaborate on documents as you are used to on your own desktop computer or in google docs.

Office online editing

5. Notifications

Communication is a key element of good teamwork, everyone needs to know their tasks and where the process is going: we need to give and receive feedback on what affects someone else and what may affect the progress of the project. sensenet, through webhooks, allows project participants to be notified when and how it is most convenient for them, whether it's an email notification, a slack message, or a trello note.


6. Workspaces

Want to get the most out of teamwork and collaboration? sensenet workspaces are made for you. Using workspaces lets you create separate spaces for separate projects with their own content structure, custom permission settings, local teams and roles. Workspaces may contain sub-workspaces, and further sub-workspaces as well, enabling you to create the best solution based on your business needs.

team work

Okay, that sounds good, but how is it related to a headless CMS? Are these things bounded only to sensenet's admin surface? How can I turn these features to my own advantage, in addition to using the existing user interfaces? Good news, every above mentioned feature is fully available through sensenet's REST API. Yes, you can build your own app using these things as a strong foundation complemented by a customized user interface created by you. Interested to try? Come and register a free sensenet repository!