Hey Olvy, what's new in sensenet?

April 28, 2021molnarm84, huszerlbence

Hey Olvy, what's new in sensenet?

We are getting familiar with producthunt recently as we want to launch our new SaaS model there. By chance we came across a great tool which saved us some dev hours. Here's our experience.

Delivering release notes and updates

Since we are working on our new SaaS model we are constantly thinking how could we improve each and every part of the service. For this reason we made a design sprint to better understand the user journey and we are currently working hard to make our demo experience more seamless.

Content creation is also top priority, so we write documentation, tutorials, blogposts and so on. But how can we share these new stuff with our users more effectively?

Until recently we pubslished our release notes on GitHub and we also generated two pages from them (frontend updates, backend updates) to be easily accessible from our website. This method was good enough to start with (and still exists) but we seeked for a more elegant (and useful) solution.

We found a promising tool on producthunt. The app is called Olvy and it was #1 product of the day (back in 27 February) that's how we found it.

We've added it first to the admin ui - a central place to manage sensenet repositories in the SNaaS model - to share useful information with our users, such as release notes, new and upcoming features.

We were so amazed by this new solution that we've included it to each public websites and apps we have.

olvy integration

Here we would like to mention that this is not a paid promotion, we only want to write about our experience with this service. We paid full price for Olvy altough we took advantage of the early bird discount.🐣😊

The integration part was quite easy, we just had to add a small code snippet into the admin ui and tag a button with the appropriate id, that's it.

How it works?

Olvy has a simple user interface which can be used by anyone (sales, marketing, devs) to share content in no time. You can build your post in a rich text editor, attach featured link and image to it (so it will be more appealing). Set scheduled publish and/or expiration date to make your life a bit easier.

Users see new updates as a colored badge whenewer you want (see variations above) and by clicking on the button a sidebar reveals containing all previous "releases". It is possible to get comments and reactions as feedback from your users.

olvy user interface

Olvy has even more features like standalone page for releases and more to discover in the future.

For us this is the ideal solution to share info about our new releases like new features, fixed bugs and so on (both frontend and backend). As mentioned above, you can still reach our releases on our website and GitHub as well, but now you'll be notified about any news around sensenet immediately once you visit our public websites or apps.