Presenting the new demo experience

May 26, 2021molnarm84, huszerlbence

Presenting the new demo experience

No registration, one click logins, and getting the big picture! This is what we call demo experience. 🦄🌈

As a result of our design sprint (back in april), we found that most people don't really like to share any personal details (even an email address) to try out a new solution.

This is where a live demo comes in handy since you don't need to register to check if a product fits to your needs.

We always had a demo for this purpose but we've never been happy with it. After some user interviews (during the design sprint) we had the confirmation of the importance of this topic so we decided to dig deeper and fine-tune the experience.

try it page

Once this was clear to us we started to gather ideas to understand and make the journey of a user more seamless. We already had every piece for that (website, try it page, example apps, demo repo) however the whole thing did not came together as a smooth experience.

During an evaluation it is crucial to get the most possible information and to have a complex image of the solution by the the of the day.

The concept was to logically connect the example apps to our demo repository and by this, to demonstrate how a simple app works with sensenet.🤔

Since the demo repository already contained every content used by our example apps (images, tasks, events, etc.), we made the connection clearer for our users with links and buttons in the apps pointing to app-specific content in the repository.

example app link and button

We also revamped the whole example apps page on docs site to be more structured and added some extra information explaining the logic behind these apps.

As a final step we simplified the access to each part of the experience:

  • Example apps can be reached with automatic sign-in, removing every additional steps from the process
  • Demo repository became more accessible as well, since everyone can get in through the admin ui with a single click.

The final solution is what we call the demo experience, and we hope that everyone can get a taste of sensenet more easily (without registration 😉😎). Try it and share your thoughts!

If you already convinced, you can skip this step and get your own repo here!