Build digital experience platforms

With back-end covered by sensenet completely, you can spare a lot of development resources by building on the solid base that sensenet provides. The built-in, enterprise-grade features will greatly reduce workload on your developers. Whether it is allocating resources to develop a custom app or service, or unifying and streamlining work processes, sensenet ensures the experience is smooth and progress is efficient.

Increased connectivity

As more and more services, apps and other digital content are connected to your repository, the way of accessing and managing content across a wide variety of platforms and interfaces remains just as simple and smooth as it was in the beginning.

Security component

The built-in security tool shields all your content from unauthorized access. Along with the separate and independent repository that your business will use, the high-quality of defense and privacy sensenet provides will put your mind at ease.

Permission system

Through sensenet, user and permission management tasks are easy and straightforward. Manage the accessibility of all your content at the click of a button. Whether it is a role-based or content-level approach that you choose – or both – sensenet ensures that making the right permission settings on every single content is quick and effective.

snaas architecture