Validate, launch, and scale right away on our
managed cloud infrastructure

Avoid up-front investment in infrastructure. Instead, save time and resources by outsourcing the responsibility of building, owning, and operating your digital solution to our seasoned team of engineers.

We support every aspect of your operation

We support you in delivering successful digital solutions by providing an IT infrastructure for rent and DevOps teams for hire. All with methodological support from our digital-agile experts. It’s your choice how much responsibility you outsource.
Hardware Infrastructure

Hardware Infrastructure

You don’t have to invest in buying, owning, and designing hardware infrastructure. We provide everything from uninterrupted power and air conditioning to servers and storage.

Network & Security

Network & Security

You don’t have to invest in procuring and managing a network infrastructure and Internet bandwidth and protecting your network from intruders and fraudsters. We have you covered on this front as well.

Software Platforms

Software Platforms

We take the responsibility of installing, configuring, and maintaining operating systems, databases, and other software infrastructure, such as a microservices-based Content Services Platform

Custom Applications

Custom Applications

We save you from the hassle of operating custom applications, especially the ones we have built. Outsource monitoring, managing, upgrading, backing up, debugging, and fixing your apps. We also design and build custom applications.

Choose how much of the responsibility to outsource

From renting the hardware to full-service operation, we are ready to free you from the hassle. You can mix and match the following services and scale as you go.

Infrastructure design

Designing the proper infrastructure requires specialized know-how and experience. Our team relies on 25 years of operation experience.

Hardware maintenance

Our server and network infrastructure comprise artstate-of-the-art hardware components, so your maintenance costs remain low.

Network & Bandwidth

Our redundant network makes sure your services are always connected and available. We can also scale our bandwidth to suit your growth.


Our hosting facility has two locations. Both locations feature fire protection, armed guard, rigorous access control redundant power, and redundant Internet connection.


From facility security to network and app-level cybersecurity, our experts have you covered. In addition, we have fintech operation experience.

DDOS protection

Protecting against Distributed Denial of Service attacks can be pricey, but we manage it centrally to keep your cost relatively low.


We can scale your solution as you grow without investment on your behalf. You can always scale up or down and adjust your monthly fees.


Our infrastructure can accommodate seasonal or other peak loads. Forget outages or embarrassing slowdowns caused by Black Fridays or launching a new product.

Always up-to-date

All systems operated by our team will be up to date with appropriate upgrades and security patches with minimal or no disturbance to service.

Installation and Upgrades

Installing new versions of your application can be planned and designed to cause minimal disturbance in business continuity.


Migrating or synchronizing data can be a pain. However, our tools and best practices based on 25 years of experience ensure smooth and reliable data migration.

Disaster Mitigation

From catastrophic mass hardware failures to accidentally cut cables, disaster is always ready to strike. However, preemptive measures can prevent or reduce the effects of such unfortunate events.

Application Design

Our experts can assist your developers in designing applications to suit the operation infrastructure so that you can avoid installation and monitoring issues.

Application Development

Our operation team can make adjustments or develop minor functionality to your applications as part of the operation contract.


Our Dev/Ops experts are ready to help you achieve your goals with proactive consulting and expert advice.


We can train your internal operation, tech support, or helpdesk teams to work with our infrastructure.

Software Licenses

We have experience in procuring and managing the necessary third-party licenses required by your solution.

Domain Registration

Your domain name is an important asset. Our experts can help you register manage your domains promptly.


Our helpdesk team can support your users directly, so you can save the hassle of building and training your in-house helpdesk.

Technical Support

If you work with Sense/Net, your tech team will be in direct contact with our Dev/Ops experts.

Backup & Archiving

Disk and tape-based backup and archiving ensure your data is never lost, and even old data can be obtained promptly.


Our team can support you in obtaining different standards certifications for your infrastructure or application. We have experience with ISO, COBIT, and PCI-DSS.

Monitoring & High Availability

We provide different levels of high availability, even geographically distributed live-live scenarios. We employ in-house and audited third-party monitoring as well.

Custom Enterprise Services

We see the unique needs of large enterprise clients as a challenge, and we never say no to extreme expectations.

Cloud solutions

Choose from different cloud solutions to fit your needs and budget

Content Services Cloud

Content Services Cloud

Rent one instance of the Sense/Net Content Services Platform and manage your content immediately without upfront investment or hassle in our public cloud infrastructure. Choose Microsoft SQL Express or SQL Server. Access your content with the built-in GUI and via Microservices. This cloud solution provides Kubernetes namespace-level separation of instances for adequate privacy. Fully managed infrastructure, operating system, database, Content Services Platform, backup, patches, and is hardened for security. Monitored 24/7/365. Monthly or annual fees with a monthly or yearly commitment. Ideal for Small and Medium Businesses, SaaS providers, lean validation of online services, or mid-range enterprise solutions. You cannot run server-side code in the Content Services Cloud. Sign up for free evaluation.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Rent private virtual or physical servers or entire private cloud infrastructure for ultimate privacy and flexibility hosted in one or both hosting facilities. Choose any database or Content Services Platform. Access your cloud via VPN or dedicated connection or via Microservices. This cloud solution provides total separation from other clients, optionally with a separate firewall. Fully managed infrastructure, operating system, database, Content Services Platform, backup, patches, and is hardened for security. Monitored 24/7/365. Monthly or annual fees with an annual commitment. Ideal for Medium Businesses, growing SaaS providers, Enterprise and fintech or banking solutions. Host any custom application of your choice. Our experts can show references.

Hybrid or On-premise Cloud

Hybrid or On-premise Cloud

Custom design private cloud hosted in our facilities or on your premises, or in both as a hybrid cloud solution. Rent an entire private cloud infrastructure for ultimate privacy and flexibility. Outsource services in any combination custom-tailored to your specific needs. Monthly or annual fees with an annual or longer commitment. Ideal for large Enterprise solutions or organizations with special needs, such as fintech, banking, or other financial services.

Your data is safe

Protecting your data is both a technology and an organizational issue.
Processes, education, and drills work together with technology, devices, software, and engineering practices.
Access Control

Access Control

The weakest link in security is granting access. Our processes eliminate fraudulent access requests, so only you control who has permission to access your data, but without over-documenting.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

All servers and network devices are configured for utmost security and are always up-to-date and virus free.Our team is also up - to - date and has all the necessary monitoring and alarm tools.

Physical Security

Physical Security

All devices are hosted in dedicated hosting centers. To protect from physical intrusion, fire and water damage, terrorism, and sabotage, we employ 7/24 monitoring and armed guards.

Geo Redundancy

Geo Redundancy

To provide maximum redundancy, our servers, network devices, and backup storage are located in two hosting centers at a 40 km distance from each other.

Easy Access

Easy Access

While maintaining security, we also find it essential to provide reasonably easy access to your data for purposes of export-import or backup.

Offsite Backup

Offsite Backup

Backup is always located in the other data center so that business continuity can be maintained even in the case of the unimaginable total annihilation of one data center.



We pay extra attention to avoid the contamination of servers during installation, and all servers are under continuous centralized antivirus monitoring.

Track Record

Track Record

During our 27 years of operation, we have never lost or compromised any customer data. You can find financial institutions among our hosting references, such as the National Bank, FHB, or Barion.

Custom Services

Custom Services

We provide custom services upon request for customers with extreme data protection needs.

You can check uptime through transparent live 3rd party analytics

Availability and response time data are transparently made available to the public in real-time. The numbers and diagrams below are live and historical data obtained from our 3rd party monitoring service.


60 days ago

Uptime history


Infrastructure that never lets you down

With two locations, guarded, protected from fire, redundant in all ways possible, monitored, managed, patched, and serviced by a great agile team, our cloud infrastructure is designed never to stop working.
DDOS Protected

DDOS Protected

We mitigate Distributed Denial of Service or DDOS attacks with up to 100 Tbps capacity of our third-party network partner.

Instant Failover

Instant Failover

We can design and build solutions that run in two locations with instant failover to the other site in case of catastrophic failure of the other.

Uninterrupted Power

Uninterrupted Power

Both hosting centers run on redundant power supply and will operate on fuel-generated local power for days in case of power grid failure.

Peak Loads

Peak Loads

We have the experience to design and operate solutions that service extreme peak loads from time to time.



Our infrastructure is scalable, and we can assist you in designing and building solutions that can scale if you experience sudden growth.

Reputable Suppliers

Reputable Suppliers

We only work with high-quality international suppliers with a verifiable track record.

Scale as you grow

A rapidly growing business is always good news, but sudden growth has downsides. Avoid unnecessary investment and HR costs associated with growth. With Sense/Net Managed Cloud, all you need to do is sit back and pay a higher monthly fee as you grow.
Scale grow

Black Friday or other peaks in traffic - we have you covered

Many businesses struggle to serve peak loads. The reason for this is that high-performance solutions not only need a different approach to operation, but they also need to be specifically designed and built for extreme scalability.

Free Capacity

The infrastructure must have enough free capacity, bandwidth, CPU power, and storage. However, most businesses find this hard to satisfy, as the free capacity would stay unutilized for most of the year.


Solutions serving peak loads must be specifically designed to accommodate peak loads. Again, our software and system engineers have this experience from the trenches.

Load Test

To close out surprises, systems built for serving peak loads must be load tested. Our team has the tools and the know-how for conducting realistic tests, so no false expectations are set.


Monitoring your system during peak loads requires a prepared staff to handle the unexpected. Our operations team can be hired to support peak load events on 7/24 to avoid costly service breakdowns.

Black Friday or other peaks in traffic

Comply with standards and regulations

Many businesses see standards compliance as an unnecessary burden. However, we find value in standards and make them work to the advantage of the business while also fulfilling the goal of having a certificate.
PCI Security Standards Council

We understand the needs of regulated businesses

Fintech, insuretech, M&A, banks, state offices, and many other businesses must adhere to particular laws and regulations. Our experts have significant experience with private and public sector regulations in various fields, including fintech, IT security, document and records management, and data protection. In addition, Sense/Net incubated and spun off a successful fintech startup, Barion, which we operate in the Sense/Net Cloud.

Documentation and Standards

Our experts are ready to prepare any documentation or rulebook. We are also used to creating reports prescribed by regulations. We automate as much of the process as possible to save time.

Special Processes

From documenting permissions to antifraud measures, our experts have operated several regulated systems, even the financial regulator’s website. Should you need any custom processes, we can cooperate to define and execute them. In addition, we have experience in KYC and AML practices, security and data protection audits, record-keeping and document management standards, and many more.

High Security and Availability

The Sense/Net Managed Cloud infrastructure satisfies the security and availability requirements of the most demanding among regulators, the financial regulator. Our experts have good working relations with regulators.

No hack or data loss in 25+ years

No Sense/Net Cloud server has ever been the victim of a malicious attack or virus. We have not lost one bit of customer data in our decade-long history. This is how we’ve done it:
Trained Staff

Trained Staff

Our entire staff is continuously trained in security practices because we believe knowledge is the best antidote for hackers and viruses.

Integrated Procedures

Integrated Procedures

Security-related processes are not separate but integral to everyday life, from writing secure code through installing patches to hiring.

Tools & Facilities

Tools & Facilities

Our experts have access to the best available tools, and we rent world-class hosting centers with all the necessary countermeasures. Great tools are required but not sufficient in themselves.

Monitoring & Inspection

Monitoring & Inspection

Regular inspections reveal pain points that might need addressing. We celebrate if a weakness is uncovered, so employees are never motivated to hide anything.

Ideal for operating Sense/Net Content Services Platform

No other team manages Sense/Net CSP better than the one that actually built it. We have a history of successfully operating Sense/Net CSP-based solutions for more than 25 years.
Ideal for operating Sense/Net Content Services Platform

The Managed Cloud is a vital part of rapid solution delivery with S.N.A.P.

We deliver Custom Software Solutions and digital products with a short time to market, high product-market fit, and superb ROI. To achieve this, we have combined our 25 years of CMS, ECM, and Content Services Platform experience with agile methodologies to form the Sense/Net Agile Process or S.N.A.P.

Supporting your custom development process

DevSecOps stands for development, security, and operations. It's an approach to culture, automation, and platform design that integrates security as a shared responsibility throughout the entire IT lifecycle.
Supporting your custom development process

We find the best technology for you

Our teams use the latest but proven technology stack, platforms, and hardware. When selecting a new platform or tool, we simultaneously look for the business and technology advantages. We are geeks but don’t follow fads.
Microsoft HyperV
Microsoft SQL Server

Their passion is your peace of mind

Our digital solutions are built by digital natives who strive for excellence and are passionate about supporting digitalization. Customer happiness is no cliché for us. We have 25 years of agile delivery experience from hundreds of projects. Our culture is purpose and values-driven, and our strategy is managed in an agile way with OKRs.
Miklos Maros Robi Joe Norbi KisTom

Trusted by organizations that cannot afford to make mistakes

Millions of content are stored and managed in Sense/Net Cloud installations worldwide by companies of many sizes and industries, including banks, fintech firms, data room providers, and utilities.
Magyar Nemzeti Bank
FHB Bank

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