Hire your IT staff without the hassle of hiring

Scale your business, not your headaches.
Rent expert agile software developers or entire teams on-demand with guarantees.

Rent individuals or teams with all levels of expertese

Need a developer or an entire Agile team? We offer talent at all expertise levels, tailored to your project needs. Skip long-term commitments and overhead—simply plug in our experts to meet your goals efficiently.

Choose from a diverse IT competency pool

Tap into a diverse competency pool to match your project's unique requirements. From front-end development and UX design to data science and DevOps, we offer a broad range of skills and expertise to ensure your project's success. If you cannot find what you need, let us know, we will do our best to hire for you.

We take the headache out of hiring so you can focus on your business

Renting IT staff offers unmatched flexibility, allowing you to scale your team as needed. Eliminate the hassles of recruitment, legal obligations, and benefit management. Enjoy fixed costs, seamless talent management, and turnkey infrastructure solutions, all without long-term commitments or severance liabilities.

From consultation to success in just 5 steps

Embark on a hassle-free journey to scalable team growth with our transparent 5-step renting process. From free consultation to effective change management, we guide you every step of the way to ensure a seamless experience.

Securing your peace of mind with rock-solid guarantees

Sleep easy with our triple guarantee. We ensure consistent performance by offering immediate replacements and indemnifying you from legal issues arising from taxation.

Cutting-edge, stable, or legacy tech stack - we've got you covered

Choose the right technology stack for your project's unique needs. From trending innovations to time-tested platforms and legacy systems, we provide the technical expertise you require for optimal performance.

Blend the best of both worlds - staff rental and tailored services

Go beyond staff rental to create a comprehensive IT solution for your enterprise. Pair our staff rental services with custom software development, managed cloud services, operations, tech support or consultancy to achieve the best of both worlds.


Enhance your outsourced team's performance with our Agile methodological support. We provide hands-on coaching and customized training that cover everything from Scrum to Lean Startup techniques. Our experts work closely with your team, ensuring they're not just agile in name but agile in action, maximizing e􀃥ciency and adaptability.

We get you high ROI

Why Sense/Net?

With tech-savvy founders and agile-expert leadership, our seasoned staff brings 15+ years of experience and leaders with 25 years in the field. We boast hundreds of successful projects and enjoy long-term relationships with clients, some exceeding 5 years in outsourcing.


We hire and train the best for you

Our staff is made up of digital natives who strive for excellence and have a passion for supporting digitalization. Customer happiness is no cliché for us. Our culture is purpose and values driven and LLL is essential to our culture. Our 25 years of agile delivery experience is passed down to new hires as well.

Trusted by organizations that need flexibility

Dozens of professionals are leased from Sense/Net around the globe for developing web and mobile software solutions with short and long term commitment.

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Meet our outsourcing expert

Norbert has evolved through roles in software testing, development, Scrum Master, COO and finally director. He's driven by understanding human behavior, market dynamics, and creating value-packed digital products. Norbert combines expertise with an insatiable curiosity, aiming for collective growth and client satisfaction.

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Norbert Voros


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Got questions about our outsourcing services? You're not alone. Check out our FAQ section to find quick, straightforward answers to commonly asked questions, helping you make an informed decision.

How quickly can a team be assembled?

The time to assemble a team varies based on skill set requirements. For most commonly requested skills, teams can be assembled within 2 weeks. For specialized or less common skills, it can take between 30-60 days.

These timelines are subject to current demand, so it's best to inquire for the most accurate estimate.

We also offer free consultation to discuss your specific needs.

What skill sets do your developers possess?

Our developers are skilled across a diverse range of technology stacks. We offer expertise in the latest trending tech, stable recent stacks, as well as legacy technologies requiring modernization.

Specific skill sets include Software Engineering, System Engineering, Frontend and Backend Development, Mobile Development, and specialized areas like .NET, Java, PHP, CMS, and ECM. We also provide Scrum Masters, Product Owners, IT Consultants, and System Analysts.

Each team member can also be supported with Agile methodological coaching and training.

How do you handle data security and confidentiality?

Data security and confidentiality are at the core of our operations. With a 25-year track record of zero hacks or data breaches, we've built a reputation for ironclad security. Our IT security policy adheres to the highest industry standards, specifically COBIT 5, to ensure comprehensive protection.

One of our founders directly oversees these efforts as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Our credibility is further solidified by our strong relationships with highly regulated businesses, including our work with Barion Fintech. With us, you can have full confidence that your data and project information will remain secure and confidential.

What factors affect cost?

Cost is influenced by multiple factors including the level of expertise of the rented staff, technology stack, project complexity, and the duration of your commitment to our services.

Add-ons like Agile support, coaching, and infrastructure can also affect pricing. We offer a fixed price for each talent category, simplifying your budgeting process.

Where is ROI?

Renting talent as opposed to hiring in-house brings significant return on investment (ROI) in several key areas. First, flexibility is a major advantage; you can scale your team up or down each month without the financial and emotional toll of hiring and firing. We handle all recruitment activities — posting job ads, conducting interviews, and selection — freeing you from those time-consuming and often costly processes.

Second, all legal and regulatory costs are covered by us, including compliance, employment contracts, and healthcare. We also manage compensation negotiations, taxation, and even provide tax optimization services, allowing you a fixed pricing model for each talent category.

Third, we cover talent management, which includes one-on-ones, promotions, conflict navigation, and other personnel issues, freeing up your internal HR resources. We also manage leaves, sickness, and provide replacements when needed. This comprehensive service ensures that you can focus on your core business activities, thereby maximizing your ROI.

Do you take non-agile assignments?

Yes, we do accept non-agile assignments. However, our expertise lies in Agile methodologies, and we believe that Agile can optimize productivity and project outcomes. If you're new to Agile, we offer coaching and training to get your team up to speed.

Still not convinced? Ask for a pilot.

Still not convinced? No problem. Request a pilot project to experience our services firsthand. It's a risk-free way to assess our expertise and compatibility with your needs before making a long-term commitment.

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