Build your frontend on our backend

Reap the benefits of a fully flexible, limitless and secure headless CMS. Concern yourself no more with back-end. Just enjoy your trusted client-side technology to build your UI and digital business on our content repository, which offers tailor-made organization and content management.

All features, no maintenance

In SNaaS, your content and data are stored in the repository, and all the content management options are at your fingertip. What does it mean? Simple: the chores of installation and maintenance are lifted from your shoulders for good. Immerse yourself in sensenet with easy onboarding, updates, and patches, and worry no more about hosting or maintaining your repository.

Have the full control

In case your project requires so, you have the possibility to install sensenet on-premise. This model offers full control over front end and back end as well, and all the data is stored in your own environment. Contact us for more details!

snaas architecture