Permission System

When we are talking about a system, it is clear that everybody has his own part in it. It is not necessary (or not even allowed) that everybody has access to all the information, all the content. At this point it is fundamental to define the borders.

sensenet offers you a sophisticated permission system, giving you the possibility to apply permission rules according to the logic you prefer.

You can choose between role-based permissions (you can assign users to roles taking advantage of predefined permission settings) or content level permissions (you can set who has access to an individual content). 

There is a set of basic built-in permissions, such as See, Open, Save, Delete etc., and it is even possible to add custom ones as well.

  • See: you only have the information that the content exists (content metadata cannot be accessed)
  • Open: you have access to content metadata
  • Save: you can make changes in the content metadata
  • Other permissions for removing or approving a content or managing lists and workspaces.

It is possible to manage it through the admin surface, or with User Management and Permission APIs.

One of the advantages of the tree based hierarchical content structure in sensenet, is that it ensures permission inheritance, so it is enough to set a permission rule one time and it comes down in lower levels of the tree. This means, if you set a permission on a document library it will be automatically applied to subfolders and contents.