Sense/Net Inc Partner Guide


Working with partners around the globe is key to our success. Basically there are two ways to partner with Sense/Net Inc, you can sell a sensenet ECM based solution under the Sense/Net Inc brand, or sell totally custom solutions under your own brand. All you need to do is sign the appropriate Sense/Net Inc Enterprise Partner Program Agreement and fulfill the admittance criteria. Partners receive different discounts from sensenet ECM Enterprise license purchases, free marketing, presales support and other benefits.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

OEM partners build their own custom hardware, software or SaaS solution by embedding or otherwise incorporating Sense/Net Inc technology, and market it under their own brand. Incorporating Sense/Net Inc technology as a whole or in part saves time and effort. OEM partners are not required to display the Sense/Net Inc brand, although we will be thankful for such notice. Sense/Net Inc does not provide support or any other services for end users of such custom solutions or devices, but as part of the deal, usually provide support services to the OEM partner. OEM partners may redistribute the source code of sensenet ECM as part of the agreement. OEM partners may not redistribute standalone copies of sensenet ECM, without significant custom development added to it.

Since OEM solutions are so different, we calculate and negotiate custom licensing schemes with each partner. As a rule of thumb, OEM licensing can be similar to server licensing, but more often it is a percentage of revenues coming from the sales of the OEM partner’s custom solution or device.

Sense/Net Inc Integrator Partner

Sense/Net Inc Integrator Partners provide professional services, such as consulting, design, training, installation, hosting, customization, custom application development, integration in addition to reselling sensenet ECM Enterprise licenses under the Sense/Net Inc brand to their clients. This partnership is targeted for web design firms, interactive agencies, web development and IT integrator companies, Hosting Service providers, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers. There are three levels of partnership, Silver, Gold and Platinum, with different levels of benefits.

Sense/Net Inc Integrator Partners resell sensenet ECM Enterprise Server licenses to their customers. Customers need to sign a Sense/Net Inc Enterprise End User Licensing Agreement, but billing is done by the partner, who receives licenses at a discounted price. Sense/Net Inc provides server support services directly to the license holder customer, saving significant time and effort for the partner. Customers in direct contractual relationship with Sense/Net Inc receive the full source code of sensenet ECM Enterprise.

In terms of development for the sensenet ECM Enterprise platform, we differentiate two scenarios. The distinguishing criterion is whether the development in question is for in-house use or for a third party. We do not regulate in-house developments, apart from the fact that the company needs to have the appropriate number of licenses for their servers (more precisely, for the CPU cores within). Developing for the Community edition is only bound by the GPL, but dual licensing is also an option.

In order to develop with the sensenet ECM Enterprise platform for third parties, companies need to sign an Integrator Partner Agreement. These companies will be entitled to develop for both the Community and Enterprise editions, but the eventual end users of the custom software need to purchase the appropriate number of sensenet ECM Enterprise licenses to run the solution. Upon signing the Integrator Partner Agreement, Partners will receive the source code for the Enterprise edition of sensenet ECM, but only for the purpose of development. The Sense/Net Inc Integrator Partner Agreement allows the partner to order consultancy hours.

Those without any contractual relationship with Sense/Net Inc can purchase consulting hours by signing the Consultancy Agreement. Upon signing, companies will purchase their first package of consultancy, containing 5 hours, and afterwards are entitled to buy additional hours on-demand, charged retrospectively at their convenience (monthly or quarterly payment options).

Please note, that server support is only provided for valid sensenet ECM Enterprise License holders. Partners providing Hosting or other outsourcing services to customers may use the support services on behalf of their customers. In case of Software as a Service, end user customers do not need to sign an agreement with Sense/Net Inc, and server resources can be shared between customers, as long as all servers are properly licensed. Gold and Platinum level SaaS providers have the option to choose quarterly or monthly billing to better adjust to changing computing power demand.

Becoming a partner is fairly straightforward, but some quality-assurance measures have to be taken in order to insure that customers introduced to or using sensenet ECM receive the best user experience possible. This is why you need a number of Certified Developers for each level. Certified Developers are professionals completing a Sense/Net Inc Official Training and thus become certified by Sense/Net Inc. To become a Silver Partner, all you need is one certified developer, there are no partnership fees. You can move up the Partnership ladder by fulfilling the requirements of the given level (i.e. generate the specified amount of revenue and have the desired amount of Certified Developers).

  Silver Gold Platinum
Minimum number of Certified Developers 1 2 3
Minimum generated annual revenue n/a USD 25000 USD 50000
Partnership fee N N N

We list partners on the Sense/Net Inc Website, we prepare and publish case studies of partner projects, we provide marketing and sales support materials and partners are entitled to use the Sense/Net Inc Partner Program logo. Partners receive different discounts on sensenet ECM Enterprise licenses and services, such as project assistance or training.

Your organization is eligible for the next level partner benefits upon reaching the criteria for that level. You are eligible for discounts and benefits of your new level for all subsequent purchase orders. For Gold and Platinum level partners, we provide dedicated account managers, transfer sales leads coming from the given geographical region and give discounted standard server licenses.

  Silver Gold Platinum
Partner listing on Sense/Net website Y Y Y
Use Sense/Net Partner Program Logo Silver Gold Platinum
Case studies prepared by Sense/Net team N Y Y
Case studies published on Sense/Net website Y Y Y
Dedicated account manager presales support N Y Y
Sales support Limited Y Y
Regional lead transmission N Y Y
Discount on hourly rates for project assistance N 10% 20%
Discount on trainings N 15% 25%
Number of free server CPU Unit licenses (for in-house use) 0 4 8
Discount on Server CPU Unit licenses 15% 30% 45%


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