Collaboration Simplified

Workspace-based collaboration without unnecessary features and complicated user interfaces. You want to share and manage documents and memos. You want to assign tasks. You need a group calendar. You need Workspaces.

This is the base of every intranet

Workspaces are sections of the site where employees, partners and vendors can work together on documents, tasks and events. Users can create workspaces in the system to enable document-centric collaboration for sharing and supporting teams. By default, this includes calendars, tasks, memos, KPI and activity feed features to maximize both individual and group productivity.
You - or your client - lose money and quality by not finding documents in time, losing documents altogether, or getting confused among the different versions.

Search and find the relevant version

By not realizing this problem or having it unsolved in the long run, companies will unknowingly burn money by allowing employees to spend hours trying to find relevant documents in different locations. If confused by different versions, they may even try to re-create the latest version and hastily go through all the approvals, or even worse: they send the document they feel is the latest to customers and partners. If this document happens to be a quote, order form or any other type of binding agreement, the employee and thus the company may find itself in deep trouble.

Customize your own set of collaboration features

You can build your own workspace templates from the GUI to meet your organizational needs. You can add more functions to the basic four (document library, memo, calendar, tasks), you can re-arrange or re-design the layout, ensure that organizational regulations are met, and so on.

Use workflows to connect contents

Documents in workspaces can be submitted to workflows and business processes. 

Key features: Calendar, Check-in comment, Commenting, Memo, Mobile access, Rating, RSS, Tagging, Task, Wiki, etc

A very simple problem. A very simple solution. Without unwanted features. See more features in our docs&help section.

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