Content repository

Content repository as a service

Sensenet is a content repository service layer and it helps you to build your own application on top of your data.
Your content repository or content store is a database of digital content with a set of data management, search and access methods. That's allowing application-independent access to the content, rather like a digital library, but with the ability to store and modify content in addition to searching and retrieving. 

This is Headless ECM

In a headless ECMS, the backend does not care about how the content is displayed. It just returns with the data needed for the frontend through a RESTful API. You don't need a full ECM solution when you have to write a custom application for a specific business need. But you still need a rock solid fundation for your content.

Use it as your primary content backend

  • Store any kind of content without a headache
  • Use APIs and forget the UI
  • Focus on your business issues

The content repository acts as the storage engine for a custom application such as a Content Management System or a Document Management System, which adds a user interface on top of the repository's application programming interface.
You can reach any content based on RESTful APIs and you can focus on the business logic. Let us solve all kind of content management issues with our enterprise grade content repository.

Test our .NET based open source content repository features before investing in traditional ECM deployment.

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