Digital Workplace

The digital workplace is where people, processes, technology, and the company converge to improve agility, productivity, and engagement. It offers businesses a truly disruptive and differentiating edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

The digital workplace requires establishing disciplines for UX, re-engineering business processes, information distribution through multiple channels and supporting employee development.

Build your own digital workplace based on open source .Net sensenet ECM.

Our customers use sensenet for different use cases in their digital practices:

  • Communication and employee engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Finding and sharing of information and knowledge
  • Business applications (process specific tools and employee self-service)
  • Agile working – the ability to be productive any time and place

Employee experience

By integrating the technologies that employees use, the digital workplace breaks down communication barriers, positioning your company to transform the employee experience by fostering efficiency, innovation and growth. The key to success, however, lies in the effective implementation of a digital workplace strategy capable of driving true cultural change.

Intelligent workplace

A digital workplace initiative must deliver the following:

  • Deliver valuable and purposeful apps by ensuring that the user experience is top priority.
  • Refactor business workflows to eliminate unnecessary elements and constraints.
  • Increase digital workers' effectiveness by delivering needed information across a wide range of channels and devices.

If you are the leader of the Digital Workplace project you should:

  • Deeply understand the needs of your employees to set the digital workplace priorities and expectations.
  • Involve business units in digital workplace delivery.
  • Create a digital workplace action plan with a marketing program to communicate values and benefits, increase adoption and collect feedback frequently.
  • Share business (non IT) information about new services and opportunities to employees to make them feel they are part of the deployment.

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