Platform for users

A great Intranet is the center of the company digital life, a bad one is a nightmare for everyone. The main purpose of an intranet is to share company information and increase the collaboration among employees. Intranet has many use cases nowadays but to deliver a one size fit for all deployment is still challenging if possible.

Make your users happy

At Sense/Net Inc we focus on real customers' need and develop a versatile platform where you can enjoy the benefits of a great Intranet environment. Create order from chaos with our .Net based open source sensenet ECM.

  • Make teams productive and accountable.
  • Increase transparency in your organization.
  • Organize content & document. Make them easy to access and easy to find.
  • Share internal communications. Reduce email.
  • Increase employees' productivity by connecting them with each other.
  • Motivate everyone - managers to employees - by tracking progress on common KPI.

Make your business flow smooth

Companies of all sizes use sensenet ECM to make their digital workplace as great as possible. 

Build as many custom applications on top of sensenet ECM as you can, the limit is only your imagination. The platform is capable to serve different business workflows and ready for extreme customization. Sensenet ECM is a modular platform you can choose modules from our repository or write your own - we help you at all level.

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