Workflow (Business Process Management)

Why workflows?

Workflow is execution and automation of business processes where tasks, information or documents are trasnferred from one participant to another for different kind of actions. 

Businesses use workflows to coordinate small or large tasks between people and coordinate data between systems, with the ultimate goal of improving organizational efficiency, responsiveness and profitability.

Boost your digital processes

Fine-tuned business processes are key to ensuring success in addressing the business requirements. To be successful, you are required to adapt and customize your IT environment to meet various demands. 

Experience the power of sensenet ECM's workflow capabilities built on Windows Workflow Foundation. Leverage the everything-is-a-content approach and create processes that affect articles, forum entries, users - anything that's stored in the Content Repository.

Transform your business

Workflow provides businesses with strategic technology capable of creating and executing cross-department business processes. Workflows can be deployed, monitored and continuously optimize different functionalities within a mixed environment of people, content and systems.

See where sensenet ECM helps transformation in your business processes:

  • Create a content
  • Approve or reject a content
  • Wait for content change
  • Create workflow task
  • Send notification
    ... and many more.

And there are many business process templates built into the system, waiting for your customization, e.g.:

  • User registration and approval
  • Tender evaluation
  • News article approval
  • Expense claim
  • Event organization


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