Frontend updates

November 2020

Bye-bye Hacktoberfest ??

Hacktoberfest 2020 is over, thanks for all the contributors. Limited edition super socks will arrive soon ??. We really enjoyed the last few weeks, the joint work went smoothly. Other than that a refactoring period was maintained by us. Two main package was touched, but in this release only one is published: @sensenet/controls-react. @sensenet/document-viewer-react will change soon with even more stable operation. ? We also fixed bugs as usual, bugfixing never ends. ??

Here are the changes what we made:


  • We have new cypress end-to-end tests. Thank you again for the contributors! ?

  • There were some components which did not follow the font-size-change of google chrome. Now this is fixed, you can use sensenet with large or extra large font-sizes as well. ?? #1075

  • Some error messages were not handled correctly on group membership dialog, now it is fixed. ?? #1080

  • A notification problem was also noticed during query writing which has been resolved. ?? #1081

  • You can use now reference fields in your custom menuitems. ? #1021

How can you try?

  1. Add a new AllowedChildTypes item to Sample Workspace (SmartFolder)
  2. Create a New SmartFolder under Sample Workspace with the following options: (query: +TypeIs:'Task' +Status:'Active')


  1. Go to /personal-settings and copy this to the text area:
   "theme": "dark",
   "default": {
      "drawer": {
         "items": [
               "itemType": "CustomContent",
               "settings": {
                  "icon": "AddAlert",
                  "title": "ActiveTask",
                  "appPath": "activeTask",
                  "root": "/Root/Content/SampleWorkspace/ActiveTask",
                  "columns": [
                  "description": "List of accounts that should be notified"

In this example I modified the related Task with businesscat, I set the Manager of businessscat to devdog (whose manager is editormanatee)

The result:



  • New function is added to SchemaStore #2021
   * Returns the Field Type for the provided content field name
   * @param {string} fieldName The name of field you search for
  public getFieldTypeByName(fieldName: string): string | undefined {
    const schemasCopy = [...this.schemas.getValue()]
    return schemasCopy.reduce((_, schema: Schema) => {
      const fieldType = schema.FieldSettings.find((fieldSetting: FieldSetting) => fieldSetting.Name === fieldName)?.Type
      if (fieldType) {
        schemasCopy.length = 0
      return fieldType
    }, undefined)


  • New optional prop is added to virtualized-table:
* Contains custom reference cell template components
referenceCellRenderer?: (tableCellProps: TableCellProps) => React.ReactNode


isCurrencyFieldSetting typeGuard is moved from sn-controls-react to default-content-types


Last, but not least this package has been reshaped, now it is much better than it was. ??????

You can find the release here